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How to remove mullered injector seats?

Hi all

I'm after some suggestions on how to remove injector seats that no longer have the lovely hexagonal pattern to help you unscrew them.

My best guess is the previous owner put them in too tight then couldn't get them out.

I'd rather not cut them out if there is a better way.

Any help appreciated

Re: How to remove mullered injector seats?

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I was beaten by this one even though mine had not been touched since they left the factory. Even setting fire to them made no difference.  I needed new exhaust valve guides so I asked the Engineering shop to get them out. 
If I had had to get them out myself I would have resorted to a small sharp wood working chisel.  Worked well on the timing inspection plastic bung on top of the flywheel housing.  Finally the new ones will not take the specified torque, the hex rounds out.


Re: How to remove mullered injector seats?

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Thanks "PWardy"

That's a good shout, I'll try the woodworking tool as I have a few lying around.

Failing that, I'll be doing the head gasket so likely to go in for a skim if nothing else, so will ask then if I haven't managed to remove them.