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door pockets

Am I correct in thinking the front door pockets are the same for 3 and 5 door cars. I ask as I need a drivers side pocket.

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Yeah, I'm 90% sure they're the same.
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Re: door pockets

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I can 100% confirm they are the same.

They are the same length, on a 3dr there's just more spare door card if that makes sense.

The differences are only by date. Pre-87 just has an open pocket. 87 onward has the door pocket with the little cubby which either has a storage drawer or speaker grill. Cubbies can be replaced with speakers and vice versa on later ones.

The screw holes line up on early ones so later pockets can be added to early door cards if required.

Re: door pockets

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Thanks all for confirming just need to find a late example.