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Original 1.3 in Portugal

I’m looking after a mates place in Portugal and decided it was time to get some transport. This very original 1.3 got delivered today as non-running project.

Due to the way admin works in Portugal the tax, insurance and IPO (mot) get transferred to the new owner - so it’s legal for another month !

It took less than an hour to check it over and get it running, a quick test drive found lots of minor niggles but no big faults - apart from a blowing head gasket that the seller had warned me about.

2 hours spent shopping for a VW12 point  socket for the head bolts then an hour to stop the  head off and I found the problem - and headbolts not much more than finger tight !

I’ll be ordering a new cambelt,  headgasket & headbolts tomorrow.

Pics to follow but for now, this guide (not by me!) has been very helpful

Before I put things back together, is there an online workshop manual anywhere?
Any idea what torque settings are for the headbolts? I can find lots of info about 1.8s / 2.0s but very little about my 1300.

Also, is there a way to upload photos or should I upload them somewhere else then link them here?

All help appreciated  ;)

Edit: Link to photo album (hopefully !)

Re: Original 1.3 in Portugal

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First attempt at photos on here ...

As delivered complete with free leaves !

What are the 2 sensors on the back of the head by the oil dipstick - and why is one disconnected?

Spot the odd one out  :o

Fun times  :-X

Re: Original 1.3 in Portugal

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Looking forward to seeing the progress
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Re: Original 1.3 in Portugal

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I'm still learning how this forum works and the best way to become part of it. For now I've been updating my post in the "Welcome" thread, more photos and info at

When the head was off to replace the headgasket I took the opportunity to clean under the bonnet and it's come up great  :)) 

Things are going well today, the car had it's first proper run out, no big faults found and it drives very smoothly  8)

The list of niggles is growing which is no surprise, today it's often cut out when I come to a junction - other times the tickover is nice - some investigation needed. I lifted the top off the aircleaner and the choke is off so that looks like it's working ok.

Fun times  :))