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Guess the Car...

There's a website I bookmarked quite a few years ago, that I go back to every so often.

They stock an eclectic mix of cars, quite a few of which I'd love to have owned either when they were new or now that they're classics.

Don't want to give too much away, but this particular one isn't based on anything exotic, though it's a version of it I'd never come across before.

I also don't know anything about the model in general, never owned one or knew anyone who did... What I'm saying is I doubt I'll be able to answer any questions, (other than what Google might tell me, and we all know that'll be 100% correct).

Re: Guess the Car...

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I had to Google 'Sedicivalvole'... means Six Valves.

Deane Motors

Re: Guess the Car...

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When I first saw it a 3 letter game of cards came to mind, but they were smaller.
I gave it a second look and think it is probably an extra special coach built version of an italian "specimen/type".
It can't have seen many salty roads.
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