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Dash Cams

Looking for advice on dash-cams.
To be a present for my daughter's birthday as she's mentioned she wants one.

Easy to fit, fit and forget.
Hassle-free operation, auto start/stop, collision activation from stand by etc.
Potentially one that connects to a phone app and/or auto uploads to cloud storage - but maybe not within my budget - just thinking that sounds easy.

Budget around £100 to £150.

I was looking at the little Garmin Dashcam Mini 2 but I've just discovered (at least reading the info I think this is what happens) that only activates when it detects a collision and doesn't continuously record which I think is more useful as it will record the events leading up to an incident or could be used for other reasons, i.e. near miss, witness of an incident etc.

Previously for my own use, I've just used a cheap (£40) Chinese fake Go Pro (SjCAM) in dash cam mode, but want something proper and decent for my daughter.

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I have a nextbase dash cam (can't remember model but few years old now) that has WiFi connection for phone. Has gshock sensor for collision detection, (auto locks the files and I think continues recording for a bit) . Was around £100 new.
I have added the additional wiring kit that's available so it's hooked up to ignition live

Re: Dash Cams

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My dashcam model is the nextbase 312gw

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Thanks, I opted for a Road Angel Halo model in the end. Even though Nextbase were winning through on feedback elsewhere as well as Sly's recommendation here. The Road Angel seemed to be very similar in spec, appearance and general reviews. What sold it was a particularly good deal at the time with an Easter weekend flash sale. I haven't fitted it yet though.

Re: Dash Cams

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I have a vw mk2 1991 1.3 golf. She is a lovely car only done 24k. Going to put new wheels on and sell It. How do I go about valuing the car and where Should I sell it????