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FOR SALE - Reg 1985 TYPE 19 VW Golf MK2 GTI in Jade green

For sale is my beloved C Reg 1985 TYPE 19 VW Golf MK2 GTI in Jade green (Michelle). Original windows (except windscreen) full paperwork etc. a real gem.

A great car which would make a fun daily driver or even a restoration project for someone who has more time than me.

Car comes with a stack of paperwork all the way back to original ownership which is pretty cool.

Work done since owning car:

New bbs alloys and Toyo tyres - (£1000)
Bought Halfords car cover - (included in sale)
New door seals fitted on every door
Brand new windscreen fitted by national windscreens
New timing belt kitted fitted with new timing belt cover
Air filter change completed
Oil changed
Car serviced
Brand new Battery
Fixed a slipping handbrake
New sunroof seal needed but not fitted - I’ve got the seal you can have it.
Brand new gravity performance exhaust with twin tail pipe

All work completed by JAY RAY mechanics in scissett, Huddersfield

Car idles lovely at about 1000rpm never had any injection issues which lead to higher revving infact I’ve never had any mechanical issues which has caused a breakdown.

I’ve put it on at a price which I think is fair but I am open to negotiation to get it sold to a good owner who respects Michelle like my family do.

Some problems which will need sorting and you’ll see I’m being as honest as possible I’m not a dodgy dealer or a jerk:

She leaks a bit of oil. Shes an old girl. I haven’t been bothered to fix as not a massive issue.
Sunroof seal needs replacing because it can leak in very heavy rain.
The paint job isn’t amazing - probably needs a respray to fetch it back to glory days. Not as bad as I’m making out considering it’s age just trying to be honest.
Minimal rust in usual spots - mostly around seals and sunroof, door sills, etc
There’s a rip in the drivers side seat upholstery bolster cushion too which will need repairing.
The rear wiper doesn’t work. A mechanic looked at it and told me it was a wiring issue.

I’ve been using it as a daily driver driving around 50 miles a week since last summer and it’s been class.

The car will need a service and MOT in august (by end of the month)

The car runs great - is fun to drive, and has been incredibly reliable. I love this car, but the arrival of our first child in December means I need something more sensible for a daily driver. Absolutely kills me to sell honestly.

The price of these is going up every year as they achieve cult classic status. The best thing about owning this car is the thumbs up and waves you get from other enthusiasts.

I’m a history teacher by trade so reckon I’m a pretty decent and reliable bloke - any questions just give me a text - I can’t answer calls all the time because I’m at work so text better to get a reply quick.

Give me a text if your seriously interested in a viewing I’m more than happy to take you for a spin in it as well and maybe we can do a deal?

I will be available for viewings most evenings after 4 and most weekends.

Preferred method of payment is bank transfer on the day of viewing/purchase. I don’t deal in cash as a rule. Price is £6500 ONO

Cheers dudes

07930669082 - ( I can send pictures)