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screws stuck in brake caliper

wanting to change the brake pads my self this time,
i found the screws i the brake calipers are stuck.

the car has been seldomly drived and,
even if i have not seen it yet,
probably corrosion did its work, there.

i can feel the torsion of the screws. putting like diesel on it did not help.

what to do best ?
i would be a bit reluctant of ripping them off intentionally
and coping with the damage afterwards.

should i have it been don professionally ?
there is a garage in town who was able
to get some nasty screws (on the exhaust bend) out.

on the other hand, if i could get good spare calipers,
it is probably cheaper than letting the mechanic on
and if i have bad luck he will break the screws himself.
then i have to pay spare calipers as well as his work.

can one give me some clues, please ?

Re: screws stuck in brake caliper

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I'm trying to visualise what screws you might be talking about but I'm unsure.

There will be lots of rusty and stuck nuts and bolts on a 30+ year old car. Patience, penetrating oil and get yourself some good quality tools and most things can be achieved. But if you're unsure taking to the garage might be the best idea, especially with something like brakes.

Do you have a manual to follow for instructions? If not I suggest you get one, it will help. You'll find lots of useful guides on forums and YouTube, people don't always show you the correct way so I'd still get a manual.

Re: screws stuck in brake caliper

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thank you @Eddypeck .

without taking the wheels off again, the screw in the rubber grommet is one of the two:

i watched this german video,
but but probably have not found a complete manual.

on the inner left, i also have about half a mm less abrasion as on the outer.
i read something about putting new grease on the brake piston.

how things stand i'm opting for shop right now.
i hope it will tackle this, too.

of course i could stick my nose in afterwards again. will see.

edit: i found what should be the right and left brake caliper now on heitage parts.

Re: screws stuck in brake caliper

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Ah, that's the bleed nipple.

As I said, good quality and correct tools are useful. It's worth getting a brake spanner of the correct size, it will give a better grip than a regular spanner and reduce the chance of rounding the nut.

But it sounds like your callipers are sticking and would benefit from a strip down and rebuild anyway. With new seals, and possibly new pistons but you might not know that till you get them apart.

Replacement units are a good bet and often more cost-effective.

Re: screws stuck in brake caliper

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having a bit more luck with getting it apart,
i could maybe rebuild or exchange it next time.

however, for instance after pulling the piston out for putting new grease on it,
bleeding could become necessary. how is this kind of spanner called ?
if the grommet is removable, i could also use a ringspanner, i suppose ?

while posting the picture, i meant the open grommet in the center of the picture.
i just intended it to show you which screws i meant.
as i mentioned before: i have not an ideal picture yet.

another thing is this bolts. they are long and thin star screws with sleeves put on.
and that might be part of the problem. as from heritage parts centre:

there are also allen screws and sleeves in on piece. as from motointegrator at amazon:

like this i would have it more torsion resistant
but now the heads might become round
plus i do not know how they fit yet.

what are you using ?

edit: the grommet i meant is also on the bottom right of the bolts-picture from heritage parts (second above), i guess.

Re: screws stuck in brake caliper

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The bolts tend to be very tight due to the heat generated. As Eddy says get a good fitting tool with a bit of leverage they free up once cracked.

Re: screws stuck in brake caliper

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thank you all.

this time i opted for the garage, and everything went fine.
the problem again was the long, thin neck of the screw.

maybe i should put in thicker ones now, before they are stuck again.

@Eddypeck: i have some manuals.
is there one, which you could recommend ?