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15" rims and their mk2 compatibility

i would be happy with 13" rims, but we got new tires on 15" rims.
since we would have 14" rims, it might be not to bad to have several sizes.

the 15" ones have been used on a golf 2,
but my father send me to check it anyway.
So can we fit those on the mk2 jetta ?

one rim has round holes instead of the edgy ones.
So of course one more of the others would be nice.

Re: 15" rims and their mk2 compatibility

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Over the full production of the mk2 13", 14" and 15" wheels were all offered as factory-fitted sizes.

A 13" rim would have a taller profile tyre (probably 70) than a 14" and a 15" would have a lower profile tyre (55). So the overall diameter of the combined rim and tyre would be the same giving a consistent rolling circumference. As long as the correct size tyre is fitted you can fit whatever you like.

I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, but one thing I would say is not to mix them up.

Re: 15" rims and their mk2 compatibility

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thank's for the info.

we have 3 of the first and 1 of the second (all 15").
on ebay, i've just seen full sets.

swapping the one with the round holes
for one with the edgier ones would be ideal, of course.