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2002 Mk4 GTI 1.8T 20V

My nephew has just made me aware of a car he has for sale so I said I'd ask around.

It's a 2002 Mk4 Golf GTI - 1.8T 20V 150bhp

5 door in blue, with grey leather Recaro interior, with factory spec split rim BBS.

I haven't seen it in person, but he's sent me pics via FB messenger (below) it looks very tidy and all original. Which is an "uncommon"  thing these days, as they're popular donor cars or heavily modified. It's also only on 101k miles. and MOTed till September next year. No visible signs of rust on the wings so assume it's been done as I can't imagine they're the original rust-free wings.

It has an impeccable MOT history, with only 2 failures in its lifetime. 1 being wipers and light bulbs, the other coil springs that have all been replaced.

Asking price is £2500 located in Bristol

Would make a great winter runaround.

I'd be tempted myself if I actually needed a car.
I'm still working from home, so with the mk2 and the bike hardly getting used I can't really justify it.

If there's any interest I'll put you in touch directly.