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Miltek Exhaust -How loud?

I know @Cope will know the answer to this but posting for general consumption. How loud is a Miltek exhaust and where can you get the 2" tips from?

I've had a couple of different exhausts on my Golf.
I used to have a Jetex but didn't like the 3"non OEM style tailpipes nor the motorway drone so changed it for a s/h standard looking centre/back box of unknown make. This one can also drone a bit at certain revs and can set off car alarms when at a certain frequency! Note the centre pipe has/will remain and I think it's a Scorpion.
I bought a s/h Miltek centre and back box with larger tail pipes. It's sort of OEM but the tailpipes are further apart (probs being anal). Before I swap them over how "fruity" will it sound and will I suffer annoying drone on the motorway?
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Re: Miltek Exhaust -How loud?

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I have a Miltek on mine, 1991 stock 8v GTI.

It was fitted by a previous owner, so don't know much about it, but it's the full kit from the downpipe back. Twin tailpipe but they're fatter than standard with a rolled finish so not an OE look, but good enough for me and fits the mildly modified look I'm happy with.

With a later-spec car the carpets are cheap and crappy compared to early cars so I don't know how much that affects things. I have standard original and quite tired underlay.

Whilst is sounds great with your foot down when you're in that kind of mood. I have to be honest, for the everyday motorway commute, even at cruising speed, when I first got the car I thought it was pretty unbearable.

I've got used to it now, and mostly ignore it. But it still gets to me sometimes.

I have wondered how much better it would be with Dynomat and/or a decent carpets and underlay kit from Newton. But that's probably more money than I'd be willing to spend... especially while it still leaks in heavy rain :(