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GT - Special Edition

The GT Special is a Euro/German spec and has the code E1E (which can be found in the boot or the service book).

So you should be able to check if you've got one.
The main points to distinguish it from a UK spec Driver is the black headlining, the tinted rearlights and the BBS RA alloys and so-called "Rainbow" sport seats.

It never had the GTI splitter at the front and was always a small bumper model, as was the Driver.

The engines were 1.8 and could have been either typical GTI engines in 8V (PF, PB) or 16V (PL or KR) but also the 90bhp monojet engine (RP), which was very popular in Germany.

Almost German Wiki said:
Golf GT / GTD Special
Fittings of the Golf II GT with MFA (1988)

Based on the GT and GTD was taken with the model year 1988, the GT / GTD into special sales program. The term "special edition" is perhaps not entirely accurate, because the special equipment was regularly in addition to the normal standard amenities CL, GL, GT, GTI and GTD until the end of production of the Golf II with the 1.8-liter engine with 66 kW and The turbo diesel engines with 51 (up to model year 1989) or 59 kW (from model year 1990) available. In the model years 1988 and 1989 there was the special model also available in Special GTI and GTI 16V with identical equipment.

The equipment (different from the GT / GTD):

* Schwarz, Atlasgrau metallic und Royalblau metallic Special finishes and Oakgrn Black Blue Metallic Brilliant Black metallic paint finishes as well as standard, black, royal blue metallic and metallic Atlasgrau
* Words "Special" on the C-pillars
* Green tinted glass
* Partially darkened taillights
* Interior in dark gray with "Color-GT stripes", seat backs and covered with black leather side bolsters, floor and rear shelf in black tufted-velvet lined
* Front sport seats, rear bench seat with individual character
* Lowering by 10mm (not on GTD Special)
* Dark gray and black headliner, C-pillar trim,  "uncommon" ly with tinted interior light
* Optional Recaro sport seats in gray with red stripes, then adjusting the side panels of the seat materials, elimination of the Color-GT stripes
* Multifunction display (not for GTD Special)
* Radio Gamma with 2 Loudspeakers in the front doors
* Aluminum wheels with cross-design BBS 6Jx15 with tire 185/55R15
* Ventilated front discs and rear discs (GTD special: full front discs, rear drum brakes)

Price 1990: DM 27,180 (GT Special), 28,110 DM (GTD special with 59 kW/80 hp).

Golf GTI Special

In the model years 1988 and 1989, the GTI and GTI 16V GTI Special is available as a special model, this combination has been appointed, however, were only very  "uncommon" ly. Special equipment such as GT.