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Mk 2 GTI Golf for sale Hertfordshire

Mk 2 white D reg VW Golf GTI
Same owner for over 20 years runs and drives great and used as a daily drive.

In really good condition all original

Regularly MOTD
Recent Mot In May 2020
Manual transmission
8 valve
K-jetronic injection

Reluctant sale

Call 01727 761167 or 07846 787955 if interested

Approx 150k miles

Located in Hertfordshire

Sensible offers ie not offers of £2000 or £3000 needs to be a genuine offer as done research and know what they go for......  no dealers please

Re: Mk 2 GTI Golf for sale Hertfordshire

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Hi sounds good, any pictures, or reg checker showing mots..etc.
i don't do HPI checks, maybe i should but since working in a bodyshop i know many accidents and repairs are unreported so would not show up.

on mk1 owners site i sold this, and put a onedrive link to mots, and works i'd carried out, and because i didn't want any come back i explained that needed shocks/coilovers replacing and more TLC.

Re: Mk 2 GTI Golf for sale Hertfordshire

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I'm advertising this car on behalf of my dad and he has owned it over 20 years, it's been regularly MOTD including its last MOT last month. I do have photos not sure how to upload them on here though. I also have it listed on pistonheads site with photos but not sure where the best place to advertise is

Re: Mk 2 GTI Golf for sale Hertfordshire

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Looks like a £2000-£3000 mk2 to me 👍

Beesting aerial on the roof
No rear spoiler or gti glass & trim
Visible work to rear valance at towing eye

Re: Mk 2 GTI Golf for sale Hertfordshire

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You need to include an asking price.

Re: Mk 2 GTI Golf for sale Hertfordshire

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Damn, I wish I had seen this as I am in Hertfordshire and have just had something similar (1 family owner car, last for 32 years) transported up from Devon!

Price seems fair just to support, mine needs a bit more work but I paid a bit less. Just a couple of tips to help you with your sale - get some interior pictures and if suitable take some pictures under the boot carpet, the engine bay and if you're brave enough the jacking points. A picture of stacks of paperwork is nice to see too. 20 year ownership is a great asset, if it's low owners state as that can be really attractive.

If you're going to sell remotely like I purchased I asked for lots of picutres of unseen bits which the vendor sorted out, I know it is a bit of pain but I bought it for his asking price and got it collected within days.

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