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Re: Covid MOT extension

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Ha yes, we use 3 different MOT stations to pass our cars, depending on rush basically. 2 are happy to do work also but charge a fortune, so we normally collect rectify and return same day if possible.

yes the extension is ending soon, and to be honest some cars that are on the road now are totally illegal. We have had thread bare tyres, no exhausts,  broken screens all come in for servicing. some i darent even drive into unit.

Re: Covid MOT extension

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The six months MOT extension due to Covid-19 is stopping from the 1st August.

Yes, that just means if your Mot runs out on the 1st or after you have to take it in. But if your Mot is July 31st you still get the extension till January 31st.


Re: Covid MOT extension

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Just got an extension on mine for 6 months, NI did state 12 months but contacted them and they said it may be extended in January if there is still a backlog.

That's what I like about Northern Ireland MOT's they do no work and are Government run and have no interest in failing it, if it fails it needs fixing full stop.

Re: Covid MOT extension

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Bill... You're on line now, as I'm typing this, hopefully you'll see it sooner than later.

Check out the latest on the GovtNI site... Talk about confusing!

I think I'm right in saying they're starting up testing again soon, but limiting it to certain classes / catagories of vehicles?

The biggy from our point of view is that those owners who previously couldn't get their vehicles back on the road because MOT's had expired more than 12 months will be first in line.

I think also that like you and me, people issued with 4 / 6 month TEC's will be getting the difference and made up to 12 months when their current extension expires... read it and see if you agree?

On a side note... I see Arlene has agreed to get NI into line with the rest of the UK and vehicles over 40 years will be MOT exempt (for the rest of you - previously it was only vehicles registered before 1960 over here)

Not in law just yet, but promised soon (therefore don't rely on it!)