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Tour - Special Edition

Thanks to Eddyeck for his time and effort.

The Tour was a special edition available in 5 metallic colours:
Diamond Silver
Metallic Red LA3Z
Helios Blue
Atlas Grey
Cosmos Blue

The car had colour coded mirrors, and some text also says part painted bumpers although the brochure clearly shows it hasn't. Also states colour coded mirrors were not included on Atlas Grey or Helios Blue but I find that an odd thing to believe - surely it would be all or none?

As with all of the 'specials' there was an decal on the rear quarters panels, this lead into full length pinstripes just above the swaige line.

The car was in luxury spec, similar to GL model.
Available in 3 and 5 door

Interior equipment:
Specific upholstery in blue / red fabric on a light gray background
Height-adjustable headrests
Plush carpet
Passenger side vanity mirror
"Imitation" leather gearshift gaiter and gear knob
Plush carpeted parcel shelf and side shelves
Sport steering wheel (is listed but from the brochure image I'm not sure, did they consider this 'sporty'?)
Analog clock (digital LCD for 90hp, with rev counter),
Center console with ashtray and cigar lighter
Front door storage pockets
Height-adjustable driver seats

Engines and gearboxes:
1.3 55 hp 4 speed (5 speed optional)
1.6 75 hp 5 speed (automatic optional)
1.8 90 hp 5 speed (automatic optional)
1.6D 54 hp 4 speed (5 speed or automatic optional)
1.6 TD 70 hp 5 speed