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Upholstery Codes and Interior Trim

Thanks to Eddypeck for his time and effort.

To check you car has the correct interior you need to check the code on the boot sticker. The trim isn't in the options it's listed to the right hand side of the paint code as two letters.

GTI 1983-85
JN Black/Silver

JP Black/Red

Early GL

Mid CL Auto

CM 1987-1990

Special - Function

Special - Manhattan

GTI 1985-87
UQ Black / Red
Sometimes refereed to as candy stripe:

UN Black / Grey

UP Black / Green

I don't believe this was ever available in the UK, only ever seen on import cars.

Grey / Red Stripe (early spec Recaro sports seat option)

GTI One In Ten Million 1988
49 Colour-stripe (Rainbow - same material but different seat shape to late spec 16v) 
These are early rainbow trim specific to One in Ten... cars. Note there is now horizontal stitch across the base of the seat and they have the smaller adjustment handle, not the big "Ejector" seat type.

The door cards to go with rainbow trim just have the grey lines and none of the red, green or blue so may look like the wrong ones at first glance. 

Cloth upholstery GTI 16v late spec
Colour-stripe cloth for 16v (Rainbow)

Sports Check Cloth for GTI late spec
HY Grey / Blue

HZ Grey / Red

UA Grey / Red (same name but slightly different pattern hence unique code was available for later spec Recaro sports seat option)

VC Black Leather
YB Slate Leather
YG Beige Leather

Cloth upholstery for Jetta GTI/GTI 16v late spec
KV Slate
KW Anthracite (this same cloth was also available for later spec Recaro sports seat option for Jetta)

GTI / GTI 16v / GTI G60 Run out spec

XT Ultraviolet (this same cloth was also available for later spec Recaro sports seat option)

XU Ultpretty common actuallyd

Leather upholstery for Jetta/Golf GTI/GTI 16v GTI G60 late sec
TB Black Leather
TF Slate Leather

Edition One
20 Mauritius blue

I'll add more and update as I gather more.

DH Grey


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