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Indicators (or turn signals) are located in the following locations:

1. Side repeaters in the front wing*


Aftermarket Smoke:

Aftermarket Crystal Clear:

* In 1985 a side repeater became required by law on all new cars in the UK. You will sometimes see repeater blanks fitted. These are only legally allowed on cars registered before 1985 so you will sometimes see them on C reg and before. Or on imported cars, such a G60 or Fire and Ice. Side repeaters were not required in Europe so an imported car can continue to drive on the UK with blanks fitted even if the car was later than 1985.

USA spec cars had a side marker light cut into the front wing above the bumper.

2. Front indicators within the front bumper

Small bumper:

Big bumper (Aftermarket Crystal Clear):

3. Within the rear light cluster

OEM Standard Hella:

OEM 16v half tints Hella:

FIFFT also did a half tint, and Hella did a range of coloured lights; all red, green, blue etc
Tresser did a full tint that went with a panel across the boot
Various aftermarket configurations exist.

USA rear light are a 'cool' mod in the UK, but they are not road legal here as they don't include a reflector. An additional reflector may get you through an MOT. The USA lights have individual bulb holders.

VW did offer clear lenses for indicators as optional extras, see this sales brochure from 1990: