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Mk2 gti K jet EV engine code

I’m new to the forum, I would welcome some advice:
I have a 1987 Mk2 gti with K jet, EV engine with some idling / emission issues. When you start up from cold the engine revs at 600 and sometimes cuts out, but as  the engine warms up the revs will go up to 1000. The co2 is a mot fail at idle but ok when the revs are maintained at 1500.
Another issue that seems odd to me if you move the heater direction slide from say vents to screen the revs drop enough to cut out?
Any suggestions are welcome.

Re: Mk2 gti K jet EV engine code

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Look at the link in my signature for k-jet resources. Scroll down there’s a troubleshooting chart.

There’s a few things that could be the issue so it might be a process of elimination.

I can’t think of any reason the heater would effect it unless you happen to have air con?


Re: Mk2 gti K jet EV engine code

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Thanks for that, will check it out.
This car did have air con but all important parts have been removed.