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See also Engines and Special Editions

The basic model range available between 1984 and 1992 consisted of the following:


There may be some variations or additional models based on country.

Special editions (see link above) are usually based on one of the above basic units with some kind of configuration of optional extras, usually a limited run interior pattern and a badge/sticker often on the rear quarter.

Body types consisted of 3 and 5 door hatchback (Golf) and 2 and 4 door saloon (Jetta).
There was also a van which is essential a 3dr hatchback with metal panels instead of rear windows, no rear interior and a flatter interior floor pan covering where the rear seats would be.

The 4wd platform was used for the Synchro and Rallye, the Rallye also had many significantly unique body panels.
Rallye and G60 had bonded front windscreen.

Across Germany and other parts of Europe specifically commissioned models such as Police vehicles, Postal Vans, airport support vehicles can be found.

The early/middle/late debate isn't as straight forward as some people might think.

The Golf and Jetta evolved every year with trim updates, minor and major face-lifts and additional options but the most significant change came in late 1987 when the small quarter-light windows were removed and replaced with full opening front windows and repositioning of the door mirrors. There were many other changes but here is not the place for that detail.

The Chassis designation for these early cars is 191 and 192 for right and left hand drive, this is where the unofficial naming of type 19 or typ19 comes from. Type 19/typ19 is used by some (much to the distaste of other) to describe these early cars.

However the 191/2 body shell continued to be used well into 1988 so there are many cars with the later spec front doors, different side mouldings and grill etc. that are still on the 191/2 body shell.

In late 1988 the body shell was updated which saw a change in the shape and position of the front tow eye and the configuration of the handbrake lever.

In late 1990 the GTI and GL got the 'big bumper' treatment. Consisting of large plastic front and rear bumper which covered the lower metal rear valance and replaced the front valance panel and splitter trim. The arch trims were extended to fit behind the bumper and fed into new plastic sill covers, the side trims were narrowed.