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Can't find side skirts

So I had a little accident in the Golf, which caused me to mount the enbankment. Car is ok but I lost my black side skirt and  partially ripped the rear wheel arch off. Both on the off side.

Now I'm looking but I can't find the damn things online. I've been to ebay, VW classic parts in Germany, Heritage parts centre. The only wheel arches I've seen that look like they'd go on mine are down as being for a g60. I've no idea if that makes any difference.

To be honest I think it might be ok. I need to properly look in the daylight. The damn side skirt is what I really need!

I don't think it makes any difference, but my Gti is a 5 door.

Any help?

Re: Can't find side skirts

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Try this guy

matthew palmer as eddy mentioned

and or check dubstock...brendon moss.

on facebook try nik launders.

hope that helps...