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Teardrop alloys

Hi has anybody got 4 spare bolts for centre caps for teardrop alloys or know where could get some new ones

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hi mate, its a hex socket head bolt.. that you can get from DIY or autoparts... no need to spend silly money.. you may have to file the head or grind it to make flush with plastic but not difficult. i've got similar issue on my alloys The locking bolts was ruined and the oz turbo alloy tool lost..

check the dimension with Vernier or matchstick... but something like this will do the job,
 DK head diameter and L total length are the most important bits, ideally you need same depth as thread size to ensure hold.  plus 25% for tapping allowance. So a about a 10mm deep hole in the alloy.  plus the thickness of the cover(counter sunk hole)

N90321602 is the part number.
m8 x 20 x10

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Thanks will try local auto factors

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Sorry I don't have a better picture, but when I had teardrops I used the bolts off a Kawasaki Zx9r front brake disc just because  I happened to have some spares to hand. They were just the right fit and had a collar that held the plate and a wider head that sat flush.

Probably a lot more expensive to buy new than some normal hex key bolts but if you happen to have any biker mates with a shed full of spares you might get lucky.

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Looooooooooong time ago I was trying to source replacement center cap bolts for some Zender Turbos so all a bit vague now.

Do remember finding that some of the generic ones you may still get on eBay were a direct fit in all but the length that I needed.

This particular seller has added dimensions to their listing / version, may help you work out if they or others will fit your Teardrops,

There seems to be small differences between certain types, if these aren't suitable would be worth while checking out a couple of others ones just incase -