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Seat fabrics

Evening all
Are the fabrics still available as I’m looking to retrim  some recaros  in ultraviolet pattern
Can you still get the side fabric and ultraviolet pattern
I’d rather not cut up my spotless front seats

Or will I have to resort to salvaging some off some other seats ??

‘91 BBM gti engineering re1900

Re: Seat fabrics

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There's also this place but I think they're only a trade supplier and sell in bulk. But at least if you find what you're looking for it will give you hope that it's still in production and available for sale so someone might have a roll.

Also, aak Monkey. He recently had some Corrado seats trimmed. Not sure where he got the fabric from but make have been a few donor seats.  Also worth noting Recaros take more fabric than stock seats so if you do need to find donor seats you might need more than 2, not sure if a rear bench or two might be a better option - usually less worn too.