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Bonnet release handle screws?

Hi all,

My bonnet release handle is loose - anyone know the correct screws/bolts to attach it correctly?

The screws in it are turning freely and the handle isn't secure - not sure if they're right.


Re: Bonnet release handle screws?

Reply #1    4.8mm x20mm screw  an hardware shop will do same 5 or 6mm x 20mm  just in case panel hole been openned up through wear and tear

Re: Bonnet release handle screws?

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they just screw into the panel and cut they're own thread, if they are loose maybe the hole has opened up or they've been over tightened.

seems the hole has 'grown' over 30 years.. took Kenneths advice and found a pan head screw that was a wider diameter.. all screwed in and the handle is now secure.

however the cable is ridiculously tight..

Re: Bonnet release handle screws?

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I suggest lubing up the release mechanism then.
Lubing-----dirty..... does anyone have a lower latch return spring? spare? mines rotton away make the bonnet pop up to the safety latch.. not great,.. tried a small spring but not strong enough when bouncing around country roads