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Thanks to eddypeck.

The headlining (or roof-lining) is a one piece molded section with a cloth layer, fixed in place with central clips and tucks under the side/door/window/sunroof rubbers and A/B/C pillar trims.

It is made from a thin compressed 'foam' polystyrene type material which the best and most accurate description I've ever heard is it being the stuff cheesy quavers are made out of.

The material covering is a sponge 'skrim foam' backed cloth, in either dark grey or light creme with a mottled pattern depending on trim.
Dark for GTI along with Black A/B/C pillars. Light with creme trim for all others.

Configurations of the headlining are specific to cars with or without a sunroof and 3 or 5 doors.
Jetta and Jetta Coupe are also independent of each other.
None are interchangeable.

The foam backed material is glued to the 'quaver' base.

Imagine the layers:
- Car roof
- Quaver board
- Glue layer
- Skrim foam
- Cloth trim

Over the years due to hot and cold changing environments the skrim foam starts to disintegrate to dust so the cloth trim layer falls away as there is nothing for it to grip to.

People often try to glue the cloth back to the board but this is unsuccessful due to the fact you are not gluing to a clean solid surface.

The only way for successful repair is to strip the old material, including the defunct foam dust and old glue to get to the (less than) solid quaver. And spray glue (High Temp Upholstery Adhesive - Trimfix) new replacement material.

2 cans should be enough.

VW Heritage (Heritage Parts Centre) have reproduced the dark GTI trim, but it is a single layer cloth and not foam backed like the original. The pattern is spot on, but the foam back of the originally material creates a soft touch and smooths out small imperfections. It is the best reproduction material for OEM look available.

Other options would be generic aftermarket foam backed cloth to your choice - the disadvantage here would be the need to also retrim sunroof panel, handle surround piece and sun visors.
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Hi Guys.
I'm planning on trying to re trim my spare headliner during this lockdown and warm temp,  but would like to ask? "What is the best concoction to desolve the old glue without damaging it any further?????

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Nail varnish remover?!
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You should fine the glue has pretty much dried up and evaporated leaving the perished foam behind. It should brush off, a stiff brush as found with a dustpan should be ideal. And glue residue can be rolled off with your thumb or fingers.

I would avoid any kind of solvent, I would expect it to dissolve the backboard but if needed try a small sample.

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 I'm finally at the last job on list. going to reluctantly buy one of the fiberglass molded roof cards..trouble is, only material i can find to cover is a mile off the vw pattern (light creme with a mottled pattern)1990 driver 3dr sunroof.anybody know the correct name for pattern or number?. Could go black but that means pillars, visors, sunroof surround etc  if you've got a cream headliner please get in touch. would like to keep original as poss

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Just recieved a new -black headliner from headliner world, will try fit it soon and will add to the post, unless someone has done pictures already, then ask if you need more and ill gladly share for someone to make a how too.

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Any pics of the new headliner fitted?

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@Kenneth cartwright
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