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MFA secret mode & other MFA issues

Hi all,

On the secret mode for the MFA I have looked at my area code & it shows a 6 instead of a 4 for UK, plus my MPG shows at 1.0 - 3.8 ? the air pipes are connected in the right place & no leaks as far as I can tell.
Plus my oil temp reads at almost double what it should be, such as 135 - 155 deg on normal road/motorway driving & my ambient temp is reading 26 deg when its actually 4 deg, but i expect that is just a sensor on its way out.

Everything else is right on the MFA - time, miles & speed.

So any ideas?

Thanks in advance


Re: MFA secret mode & other MFA issues

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26 Fahrenheit is equal to just under 4 deg c.

If you have the wrong country code your temp could be reading in Fahrenheit not Celsius. However oil temp of 155 is only about 70 deg C. Which seems low, unless your thermostat is broke and the car is over cooling.

Not sure what country code 6 is, but if it’s a non metric place that could be your answer. If Speedo is mph I guess American clocks. Clocks could have been changed, not sure if that info comes from ecu or built into the clocks.