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PAS to Subframe Bolts...

Subframe and engine are still in situ at the moment though the PAS rack / track rods / steering column and hydraulic pipes are all off effectively meaning it's free to come out with a little wiggling. That is except for the fact the 4 x bolts that secure the rack to the subframe (even the nuts are undone) seem to be captive and while they turn easily wont come out.

Below is a schematic (Bolt - No. 12) and an inter-web image of them close up.

There's some sort of serrated collar, presumably that's what stops them falling out completely if the nut come loose as they insert against gravity from beneath.

Also because they're quite long I just can't get the rack up enough to clear them for removal... if it weren't for that I could slide everything out via a wheel arch opening.

Don't want to damage the existing bolts either, just incase replacements are hard to get or expensive.

Is there a knack / something I'm missing - don't want to resort to the big hammer just yet!


Re: PAS to Subframe Bolts...

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Well it's out now... more manoeuvring got the whole assembly up through the engine bay.

Bolts were indeed captive, a few whacks and they fell out the bottom. VW must've simply forced them into place and relied on them being held by the pressure against the metal of the subframe... bit crude, but did the job I suppose.