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Front Bearing Carriers...

Seem to be called various other things, but rightly or wrongly I've got into the way of referring to them as bearing carriers... It's the cast piece the drive shaft bearing is pressed into and onto which the shock absorber / brake caliper are also attached.

I think I've made a mistake when ordering new ones - did research it but there's so much conflicting info. out there and for once the usually excellent '7zap' resource just added to the confusion for me.

I've a 1991 8v PB without ABS and I now believe the correct items are 191 407 255 C or D and 191 407 256 C or D (left and right) which take the 19mm ball joints of my later car.

Unfortunately there's also 191 407 255/56 A + B which I believe are intended for cars up to 1988'ish with the smaller 17m ball joints - these are the ones on their way to me.

If I'm right they're obviously the wrong part, but I was wondering if it was just the diameter of the 'hole' the top of the ball joint inserts into that differs and if so could the bearing carrier be safely machined out to 19mm - Is it just that sole difference?

Alternately could I use 17mm ball joints - presumably the later, larger diameter ones were specced by VW for a reason - safety / durability?


Re: Front Bearing Carriers...

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Cheers - The later type for the 19mm ball joint are presumably parts that there's not that big a demand for... there's plenty of different manufacturers listed but when you look into it actually finding someone who stocks or can get them isn't just so straight forward. The earlier 17mm ones seem a bit more readily available.

Heritage have one side of the 19mm type in stock and are getting in the other side within a few weeks, but they're quite expensive.

Their's may be made by a company called AIC, you can just make out the part number in one of the images (55091) - Was able to source both of that brand in Germany for quite a bit less, even allowing for VAT and post but none of the stockists will send to the UK any longer.

Unless there's a safety / handling or massive durability issue by using the 17mm ball joints, looks like the way to go in the circumstances.


Re: Front Bearing Carriers...

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Carriers arrived today and pleasantly surprised to find they are infact compatible with 19mm ball joints.

Also measured / offered up the bearing, brake caliper etc. etc. and they're identical to the originals so I'm baffled, not complaining suits me!

Also pleased with the quality - hard to improve on a piece of cast metal I suppose but these are at least the equal of the originals.

If you were intent on originality and had to have the ones that came with your car fair enough getting them refurbished and whatever that would cost, but at just over £50 the pair (Autodoc with discount, not certain UK sellers), hard to beat in my eyes.