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Got 16v side trim

Hi I have been restoring my 1989 16valve and it has been to several garages during its restoration and I think some of my parts have been stolen or replaced. The side trims I believe should have a red stripe along the top . So I purchased some from a breaker and they appear to be stick on side trims instead  the push on ones. Can anybody tell me if I have bought early model ones if so has any body got the correct ones for sale
Thanks in advance for any help

Re: Got 16v side trim

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84 no rub strips, had a side decal like the Mk1
85 - 87 stick on rubber side strips, had a stripe as part of it - no holes in body/doors
87/88 plastic side strips with lugs that go into holes on the body. A separate thin red rubber strip was stuck to the body above the side moulding.
88/89 as above, but there was a black decal with a red stripe that was stuck to the body before the side moulding was applied.
90+ big bumper had thinner all black side trim with GTI badge front of door.

I'll try and add some pics