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Rear beam bushes

I’m sure I saw a post the other day where someone had done the bushes with the beam still in situ, just lowered out of the brackets.

Anyway I need to do mine and at this time I’m not interested in a full beam refurb, I just want the quick easy solution.

Any advice?

I’ve already ordered Oem bushes, but I gather poly are easier to fit.

Re: Rear beam bushes

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I cut the old bushes out, though I'd the luxury of the cross member being off of the car.

Saying it like that makes it sound easy, but it still took a bit of an effort and some finger jeopardy was involved.

I don't doubt the polybush ones are superior to bog standard rubber... but pricey.

I got four Meyles on Autodoc for the price of one Powerflex, but then I'm not looking anything over and above the standard set up nor will the car be driven all that hard.

Re: Rear beam bushes

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Ooops... got confused with the front bush post also running at the moment!

Yes, I've recently read something elsewhere too about it being done with the beam still in place.

Re: Rear beam bushes

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Got the front wishbones, complete with bushes and ball joints (febi) all on order form AUTODOC, left them in the basket for a few days, the 26% deal changed to 28%, then they sent me an extra £5 off code.

Arb bushes, track rod ends and rear bushes, decided to do the lot before it goes back on the road. All for under £100. Just a few weeks wait.

Re: Rear beam bushes

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Autodoc's bad press must have some foundation, can't see so many poor reviews all being baseless, but equally I think quite a bit of it is overly harsh.

My last few orders have turned up in a little over a week, I'm hoping it's a sign that post brexit logistics and customs issues are finally being overcome.

I've saved an absolute fortune with them... if you've read some of my other posts you'll know I'm not prone to throwing my money away and ALWAYs shop around.

There's been plenty of examples but one of the better ones is a set of front / rear Bilstein B4's for less than £25.00 a corner.

Haven't had that £5.00 incentive offered to me for a while, they maybe only do it the once per customer?

I've noticed the big discount days (40% +) aren't just as frequent as they once were, but even so a genuine 28% is excellent.

Good to see us little guys gaming the big ones for a change.

Re: Rear beam bushes

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It was me who did the bushes with just the beam lowered but fitted polybushes back in so was a load easier.
You can get a special tool to press new standard items in or make one with some threaded rod and some funny shaped brackets.
Poly is a lot easier though.