Welcome to the Mk2 Golf Owners Club

The Mk2 Golf Owners Club is a site dedicated to the preservation of all Mk2 Golf variants – run by owners for owners.

Recently we celebrated 10 years as a club. That's 10 years of supporting owners and fans through shared knowledge and enthusiasm. We hope to have many more years to come. We are now building towards our 12th show in July 2020, running from the 17th to 19th July.

Come onto the forum and say hello - The Mk2 OC Forum.

Now the UK is under full lockdown, I wonder how many people will finish their Mk2 projects being stuck at home? Here's some inspiration for you!
Here's @gti_smithy with his Mk2 transformation.
#TransformationTuesday #project #projectcar #restored

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Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there, specially the Mk2 ones ;)
Here's club founder @vw_widow and her 8v Alpine White.
#mothersday #mk2 #vwgolfmk2oc
Photo @wellchuffedmedia

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Owner @birdiegti with his 1990 8V GTi MK2. Shoes are freshly restored BBS RM running 2inch lips on the rear and 1.5 inch on the front, combined with 195/45 Toyo tyres. ...

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Noise calculator:
1.8 8v + Bahn Brenner Twin Screw supercharger + @trackslag_com 2.5" slanty tip exhaust = This incredible sound. 🔊🔊🔊 ____________________________________________________ Turn it up to 11! ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Contact our official club sponsor Trackslag.com for more details. _________ 🔑: @luke_mk2

#bahnbrenner #brennerbahn #supercharged #supercharger #exhaust #racecar #modifiedcars #trackcar #motorsport

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This weeks transformation comes from owner Matthew Power.

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All the way from Boston Massachusetts with a 91 GL conversion owner @vw_haigh ...

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The Mk2 Golf

The Mk2 Golf was Volkswagen’s second generation of the famous Golf. The Golf came as a front wheel drive hatchback, unlike many it’s of its rivals back in 1974 when it was first introduced. The Mk2 was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1983, but it didn’t make it to the UK until 1984 and the US in 1985. By 1985 “What Car?” had awarded the Golf “Car Of The Year” and sales were going well, peaking in 1989.

In 1987 the new Golf received a significant styling change that saw the end of front quarter lights windows, a new grill. This was followed by the addition of large bumpers from November 1989 onwards. There were a small number of changes in the interior as well, seeing larger bolsters added to GTI seats and a new wiring loom fitted that moved the hazard light switch. Production of the Golf stopped in 1991 with the introduction of the Mk3, the bulkier and heavier replacement.