Volkswagen are known for their ‘no nonsense’ advertising, they definitely call a spade a spade! These are some of the brochures that were created for their range of Golfs and Jettas that were sold throughout the UK, mainland Europe and America. For some light bedtime reading, just click the link!

Votex Extras

OEM Extras (1990)

1991 German G60

1991 UK GTD & Driver

1989 European Rallye G60

1989 European Syncro

1989 UK GTI 16v

1988 USA Jetta

1988 Brazilian Full VW Range

1987 European Golf

1987 Westmoreland GTI 16v

1987 European Tour Golf

1987 European Sky Golf

1987 European Memphis Golf

1987 European Jetta GTX 16v

1987 European Jetta Court

1986 USA Jetta

1986 European Golf GLX

1986 European Syncro

1986 European Golf ‘Hit’

1985 USA Full VW Range

1985 USA Golf

1985 USA Golf GTI

1985 European Golf GTI

1985 European Golf

1984 European Golf

1984 European Jetta

These are some of the covers from various American and European Golf and Jetta model brochures, ranging from 1984 to 1990.