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T4 caravelle

 have a very good friend that asked if I knew anyone that could help out. Her sisters husband recently took his own life. The sister is obviously in a bit of a state but is left with a lot of stuff to sort out.

The guy had a 1997 (tbc) T4 Caravelle in green, which although rough, was MOTed and in daily use till the event. Mot has since run out I believe. Vehicle has seats removed but they are all available. has been used as an all purpose van, has carried straw for horses and junk to tip etc so really used and abused.

Still waiting to get more info and pics, the widow is still waiting on DVLA to sort paperwork to put in her name so she has V5 in her name to be able to sell it.

This is obviously very delicate, she needs the van gone as seeing it, hearing it start up etc has too many painful memories.

For this reason she wants it gone out of sight with as much ease as possible. She can’t deal with eBay messers etc.

So I said I’d put some feelers out for genuine interest.

Not sure yet if it’ll be worth the effort to tidy up, maybe rat look is the way forward or perhaps it’s just a parts vehicle but if anyone would like to express an interest let me know and I’ll update with more information when I know more myself.

Would need collection by trailer from north Bristol.

Value is yet unknown, I haven’t had chance to see it myself yet. But based off current market values I would expect it could be worth a couple grand, I’m not sure.

For the widow she’s not asking for money just needs it gone for closure but I know she and the kids left behind are not well off. They had to have a local collection to pay for the funeral. Which was a simple affair.

I know a generous and honest donation would go a long way for the family.

Let me know if genuinely interested, or watch this space for more info and hopefully pics soon.


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Oh bless them :(
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