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Car accident damaged, what's it worth to sell on as a project?

Current car is a Mk2 1.8GL Auto, it's a pretty clean thing and fairly un messed with - weber 32/34, period correct estoril alloys off the ice and fire model, interior is from I think a driver or something and in lovely condition.

Damage was a rear ender, boot floor is a tiny bit bent so it was declared a total loss. New rear panel, new bumper and knocking the dents out the boot floor and hatch and it'd be right as rain again. Boot will shut once the bodywork guy does his magic on it (quoted around £100 to get it like that) so it should pass an MOT in it's current state but obviously it would still have a CAT N on it.

In terms of running it run's like a champ and it's never really given me any grief other than being a bit thirsty. Tyres are all fairly new maxxis ap2's, alloys are a bit scuffed but the paintwork is mostly there save a bit of flake at the top of the passenger side doors. I've replaced most of the brake pipes as well as the discs, drums, pads, shoes and hardware since owning it as well so it stops on a dime.

Tiny bit of corrosion on the passenger side sill and rear arch. I don't really want to keep it, money and all that I'm in the process of moving house with all sorts of extra costs bleeding me dry so I was thinking of going back to just having motorbikes for a while.

Only question is how much would I even ask for it? Not sure what an accident damaged running project would go for, not a clue. Was quoted £2750 value pre accident and I tend to agree with that figure (obviously worth less now). As a running project for someone who isn't scared of bodywork it could be a great daily or a nice little earner.

(only picture I have, car is still at the garage)

Re: Car accident damaged, what's it worth to sell on as a project?

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When mine was damaged I bought it back for a mere £75.00. I then went on to enjoy for more years. Like you I had put a lot of effort into it. Why don't you repair and keep it.?


Re: Car accident damaged, what's it worth to sell on as a project?

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How long ago was it valued at £2750?

It’s a fair price but if the othered advertised are anything to go by you could chuck £500+ on top of that in the current market.

It’ll put people off and you’ll never get a premium price for it now having a recorded accident but if the work it done well it shouldn’t really matter much.

There are so many mk2s now that have had massive amounts of bodywork done due to rot, that’s structurally probably aren’t any different to yours, just not recorded.

I’d get it fixed to a decent standard and if you decide not to keep it try and get close to the original £2750.  Based on that asking price you’d probably accept £2500 which would be a bargain for someone.

And if the insurance pay out based on the £2750 less excess you should be onto a winner if you keep or sell.

If you were to decide to break it you’d probably get £2500-3000 in parts but it takes a lot of time and effort to get the best value back. You’ll then be stuck with a bunch of random left overs and a shell to dispose of.

As it stands, unfixed as a project for someone I think you’d be lucky to get a grand. I which might be fine if you’ve had the insurance payout and you just want a clean break.

Re: Car accident damaged, what's it worth to sell on as a project?

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£2200 is the quote to repair. I'd make a loss if I repaired and sold on when alls said and done.

Not worth it and no other body shop wanted to take it on. If it was a gti I'd agree you can put £500 on top value wise (a grand even). For a 1.8 gl auto? £2800 was what I was going to sell it for having seen similar cars sell about that.

Can't afford to keep it, nor would I want to knowing it's worth less - why pay £2600 to get the car back and mended - more to insure, lower residual value etc.

Part of the charm of it is it was an appreciating asset and a usable thing. That's why I've had a couple of mk2's, that and they're nice to drive.

I'm a single income bloke 15 months into a protracted house purchase, moneys extremely tight so needs must time to get rid of luxuries like a car. For now at least.

Probably stick it on eBay and see what I get I guess. If I can't flog it on locally for £800 or something first

Cheers guys