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brake pad types

i've got TRW GDB454 brake pads:

VWA: 20887, 20888 (part numbers ?). It's for models from 08/83 till 12/92.
YM9805 and PR4154 has been written by hand on the packaging.

the mechanic, who unstucked my screws, said i fetched the wrong brake pads.
according to him, there are 3 types for mk2's.

is somebody around here, who can tell me more about those types ?
are they related to the strength of the engine ?

Re: brake pad types

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Depends on the model of car.  For the lower spec models there seems to be two types. The earlier type has 10mm (solid) discs and pads to suit, the later cars (VWII calipers) had thicker 12mm (solid) discs.  Its easy to tell which calipers you have, just check for VWII written on the caliper or measure the width of the disc.  I'm not sure about the higher spec models, such as the 16v GTi or G60, but someone else will know.

Re: brake pad types

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the VWII inscription and the brake pads,
suiting the brake discs (why ?) were new to me.
thank you. together we will probably sort this.

i've seen 12mm discs on the 90 hp and 10mm discs on the (rather new) 55 hp
and it's said the calipers should match each.

but on the 90 hp, i have brake drums on the rear,
so, given they are matching, i could only use the two on the top of the picture.

a gti probably has 20mm air-vented discs and matching calipers. right ?
edit: or was it 22mm ?

Re: brake pad types

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My understanding was the GTi has the same VWII calipers, but the pads were thinner to incorporate the vented disk.  I bought fresh pads and 12mm discs from VW heritage, after checking the calipers were VWII.  VW heritage list 'pads for 12mm discs', so I guessed there were slightly different to the pads for the 10mm discs.  I also have drums on the rear, but being a 1600 it doesn't have the brake compensator valve at the rear.

Re: brake pad types

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According to 7Zap

With callipers:
191 615 123 left and
191 615 124 right

Part number for pads: 191 698 151 E

are for front

----------------- ----------------- -----------------

and with calliper:
1H0615123C left and
1H0615124C right

Which are VW II callipers
Part number for pads: 1H0 698 151

are for front

and using the same callipers

Part number for pads: 191 698 151 L

are for front
239X20MM (Vented)

This covers base spec to 8v GTI.

16v GTI uses a different hub and calliper set up to give 256mm vented discs.

As @Keekster64 says 8v GTI pads for vented discs are the same as for solid discs but with less friction material making them thinner.

Any of these pads should fit in the callipers, it's just the thickness of the disc that changes.