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South West/Bristol - First Friday Motor Meet - 2024 dates added

The Bristol meet is a long running VW meet up which occurs on the first Friday of every month.
Located in North Bristol, just off M5 jct16 at the Toby Carvery Pub in Bradley Stoke.
Starting around 7:30, but if you're first to arrive just hang around a little while.

Toby Carvery (formerly The Orchard)
Woodlands Lane,
BS32 4QB,-2.5610654,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4871911eeff34d59:0x4f2cdbe1cdfeed2d!8m2!3d51.546853!4d-2.558841

For newcomers, we park on the straight strip of car park directly in front of you as you turn off the main road, and avoid the main pub car park. We usually hang around for a bit while others arrive, and park up before heading into the pub for a shandy or refillable Pepsi. ;-)

The meet historically started as a mk2 meet then a few of the mk1 OC guys got involved and rebranded as Bristol Dub Love for all VW. Over the years as regulars have changed vehicles we’ve welcomed all types. It's just a chill car 'and bike' meet - no judgment.

When COVID hit this meet obviously stopped. We managed to kick it back off in December 2021 and over the course of 2022 have managed a build it back up so looking forward to bigger and better throughout 2023.

Dates for 2023
January, No event - we need to get over Christmas/New Year
February, Friday 3rd
March, Friday 3rd
April, Friday 7th
May, Friday 5th
June, Friday 2nd
July, Friday 7th
August, Friday 4th
September, Friday 1st
October, Friday 6th
November, Friday 3rd
December, Friday 1st (potentially with Mk2OC Christmas meal)

For a look back at previous meets:

Re: South West / Bristol Mk2 1st Friday Meet 2023 dates

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Fingers crossed, we'll be able to come along!
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Re: South West / Bristol Mk2 1st Friday Meet 2023 dates

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October already, can you believe it?

We don’t stop the meet ups for winter. We just head inside the pub earlier when it’s cold, dark and/or wet.

And some people arrive in their dailies….  :o

This coming Friday (6th October) is the next meet.
There’s usually someone around from about 7:15 but if there’s no one there when you arrive just hang about for a bit. 7:30-8:00 most people arrive.

Re: South West / Bristol Mk2 1st Friday Meet 2023 dates

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The December meet, will be the choice of having Christmas meal if interested please let me know. @Martin109
National Meet - 19-21 July 2024 @ Curborough Sprint Circuit

Re: South West / Bristol Mk2 1st Friday Meet 2023 dates

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First Friday Motor Meets
Occurs the first Friday of each month

Dates for 2024

Feb - Friday 2nd
Mar - Friday 1st
Apr - Friday 5th
May - Friday 3rd
Jun - Friday 7th (clashes with Bristol Volksfest. May move to second week )
Jul - Friday 5th
Aug - Friday 2nd
Sep - Friday 6th
Oct - Friday 4th
Nov - Friday 1st
Dec - Friday 6th (Christmas Meal TBC)