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Calypso GTi

Well decided to start a new thread instead of copy the old one in here as the car is currently in bits.

The car:

1990 8v GTI in Calypso Green

i had the engine converted to k04 20vt a couple of years ago with an aggressive stage 2 map, this turned out to be a bit to aggressive and a few weeks ago i managed to bend a con rod :(

I stripped down the engine in the car to confirm and found this:

So my plan going forward is to rebuild the engine myself with forged con rods, the current spec list:

Standard Pistons with new rings
Pro-Race Engineering rifle drilled rods.
ARP2000 Rod bolts
ACL Race Bearings - Main and big-end.
Pinned crank gear

After checking the bores on my original AMK engine i found some scratches that would require a rebore, the cost of doing this and having to buy over-sized pistons is quite high so i have sourced a decent standard 06a block from a BJX engine to replace this.

im also considering getting the head rebuilt with some supertech exhaust valves and uprated springs, but ill make a decision on this once the bottom end is built.

Initially i plan to run the car with the standard k04 turbo while its run in and then look at hybrid or big turbo options in the future. i would like to get over the 300hp mark.

Engine out:

While waiting for parts to arrive i wanted to get the old rusty battery tray changed, i know a local welder who is excellent and has just done the following for me:


it just needs a lick of paint that i will do myself.

My aim is to get the car back up and running in a few months time but there is quite a lot to do as i would like to tidy the engine loom, sort out the heat shielding in the engine bay.

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Installed the crank into the replacement block that has arrived, checked clearances with new bearings and finished with assembly lube and new main cap bolts, waiting on my forged rods to arrive so i can install the pistons.

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Made some further progress on the 1.8T engine rebuild, fitted a new oil pump, crank seals on both ends and fitted the press fit billet crank gear, this gear will stop the key-way issue seen with the stock crank gear, it will be secured with an ARP crank bolt.

The cylinder head is at a machine shop and hopefully due back later this week.

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Hey Spacy!  She's still looking great mate.  Shame this show season has been a non event.

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Hey Spacy!  She's still looking great mate.  Shame this show season has been a non event.

Ha! thats probably a good thing for me as i dont think the car would be running in the for the owners meeting.

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Further updates:

Engine is now back in the car and after a few niggles with a water leak its done the first 20 miles or so, im looking at doing at least 500 miles before it gets the full send treatment.

Also fitted my other wheels after finally getting some tyres on them, had them new in boxes for the last year.

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Do like a Calypso Golf. New wheels look great and hope all is going well running in the engine.
I'm Matt and I love old VWs

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Do like a Calypso Golf. New wheels look great and hope all is going well running in the engine.

Thanks! im a bit more nervous running it in after doing a DIY build but at the moment all is well.

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Absolutely love the LSs they suit the car so well 8)
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Just a small update
I have purchased and fitted some Gaz Coilovers now as the old shocks and springs looked very tired. only real niggle i have with the car at the moment is the exhaust clearance on the edge of the tunnel, it seems pretty tight and knocks a bit with engine movement. im going to look at getting a solid front mount and see if i can get a bit more clearance.

Lastly had the dreaded MOT test at the weekend, passed with no advisories! pretty chuffed with this bearing in mind the car has been in bits most of the year.

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wow thats lovely, calypso green is a great colour, especially on a big bumper.

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thought id update as its been awhile with what happened in 2021.

Managed to improve the exhaust clearance with a full set of vibratechnics mounts, highly recommend a full set if you are using a 3" trackslag system on the mk2 sub frame. i originally had only the front mount and had some knocking with the exhaust on heat shield,

Had the car dyno mapped at Badger5 resulting in 270hp with good power delivery, the car was pretty horrible at part throttle on the generic stage 2 map that it had before. This is easily the best mod i have done so far!

The DIY engine build seems to be running great having covered about 1000 miles so far, looking forward to using it and getting out to some shows this year.


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i got very close to giving up on the golf recently, had some issues with a refurbished timing chain tensioner rattling, it had only done 1500 miles. i ended up purchasing a new one from germany and fitting a new chain as well. it took 2 months to get the right part through from Autodoc ( they are a nightmare if you need customer service).

Thankfully the new part is good and after going out for a drive an hitting full boost my love is restored  :D