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Vinnie 35k miles OEM OCD Apline white 8v Gti


Hello there this is Vincent Van Golf my MK2 Gti,34k miles from new and all original, bought it two years ago 2008 and have spent 18 months cleaning it, taken off bucket loads of waxoyl and cleaned in weird places...

Vinnie As I got him, all original non restored,

After many hours of cleaning , waxoyl/knuckle stripping,personal plate and 14" bbs ras

As he is now on bottletops trying to look hard without coillies,neons,crystals or M3 mirrors (still not sure wether bottletops or ra's)(note the defogged spots)............

went mad recently... cleaned a bit couldnt stop, shoot me now I have lost the plot

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Love this car, pleasure to see in the flesh 
National Meet - 16-18th July 2021 @ Curborough Sprint Circuit

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thats got one of the cleanest and straightest mk2s out there

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Bit of a result with the heat gun today, fed up with forever blacking over white/grey bits so spent the money bought myself a heat gun and after half an hour cleaning of all the lotions and balms rubbed in over the years this is the result, completely untreated and in the buff

Some more shots others have taken over the last year


Got tagged on facebook....omg lol rofl lmao ffs

A little video someone made, out in the snow

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Vincent had a friend visit him today..... awesome.... Ones a type 19 one a type 1G, both registered on the same day in  September  1988

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Taxed him yesterday , gentle warm up out through the Torpoint twisties  followed by an energetic trip back.... Cleaning this morning ..... First show two weeks time, good times. :D  :D  :D

45 mins...  a quick wash and dry off.... 6 months of garage dust grime gone.....VW action on the Sunday if the weather is good  :cool (y):

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Well after only a month they have arrived, well three of them did just need some money for new tyres....
.... brand new from VW

mmmmmmmmhhhhh... sometimes being right doesn't necessarily look nice???

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APRIL 2013

So as you do park up miles from the car next door go to the cash point return and the bitch next door has reversed out and dented you car, saw her driving out as I walked back..... Sssssoooo angry I nearly cried....

Ross from DevonDents came around, top man and spent an hour on the dents

After a bit of local research I finally found a guy with a little unit who was suitably impressive with his spraying Vin speech, too many volume company car repair people out there, booked in for tomorrow .........., front page of the local paper , there has been a fire on his industrial estate...... In a body shop.............yep the sodding shop has burnt down.... Is there a conspiracy

Got him back today, apart from the engine now being completely grey/primer dust coloured I am really chuffed with the finish and especially the colour match, no need for blending into the adjacent panels :jackson:  :jackson: