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Quick little update from me, I've been furloughed for the past 6 weeks so I've had plenty of time to get stuff done. So, starting from the beginning;

The coolant I had in it was really just a temporary measure to tide me over winter so first thing was to do a proper coolant flush and then refill with proper G13. I ordered a nice clean new coolant bottle while I was at it and ordered 2 lots of G13 to mix with water. I didn't pay attention and bought premixed G13, so it came and I didn't have enough. Stupid mistake...

The paintwork on the Golf was shocking from being under a cover for the past 8 years, so I thought it was about time to grab a machine polisher and try and get it looking more respectable. in some areas its come up pretty well and I am happy with the results I got. It appears that when the car was painted it didn't get a clear coat, and as you'd expect from a drive way the quality is shocking in some places, with runs, fish eyes and orange peel all over the place. The rear valance, grill strip and front valance appear to have had absolutely no preparation before they were painted which means the paint is simply flaking off. Anyway here's the result of polishing the bonnet.

Next up was chasing that stupid issue I was having with it not idling right and and the revs hanging. As of my last post I had changed all sorts of stuff to try and find it. My last attempt before I sent it off to someone for sorting was to swap the MAF again and also to take the Manifold off and check for vac leaks. At this point I was clutching at straws and had so far changed;

3rd MAF so far. 1st came with the engine, 2nd was 2nd hand, 3rd was brand new.
Changed lambda sensors
Brand new Febi coolant temp sensor and then a new OEM coolant temp sensor.
Fully wired in a brake and clutch switch as it would work in a MK4
Checked over the entire vacuum system more times than I’ve had hot dinners.
Tried a different throttle body
New genuine fuel pressure regulator

Took the manifold off, made sure the gasket was seated properly but it back together. Absolutely no change what so ever. Pulling my hair out at this point. It was behaving like a vac leak, but there was no vac leak!

Decided to break out VCDS and try and figure out from the MAF values if I could see anything amiss. With my limited knowledge, it all seemed fine, however I noticed that when I rev'd the engine the % load didn't always fall to the number it was before I had pressed the throttle. Although the pedal had completely come back up, I pulled the pedal back up with my foot and to my amazement the revs dropped, right down to 900rpm and stayed there. Rev'd the car they went up slowly came down, and then settled on 1200rpm. Pull pedal back up, drop to 900rpm. Ordered a new pedal for £13 plugged it in and its working perfect. The car is actually nice to drive now, semi annoyed I spent all that money on the other things and it took me since last October to figure out, but fixing this has increased my confidence in the cars reliability 10 fold.

Finally. Saw a small bumper with fog lights, wanted fog lights, fitted fog lights. They aren't wired in yet, but I think will do it so they are high beam lights rather than fogs. More useful that way. 

I always start these posts with an aim to keep the writing short but somehow I end up writing a novel every-time. I apologise if this is boring. If I managed to keep you to the end, thank you for reading.

Re: 1.3CL 86' to 2.8 24v V6

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I've gone and completely neglected this thread. Mainly because I've been driving and enjoying the thing. Lets have an updated.

First thing engine cover and battery cover, the one specific to this engine. I think it looks tons better. I'm not chasing a super clean perfect bay but I want it to look nice and tidy.

Alternator died. Thankfully it went on the blink intermittently so didn't get stuck anywhere. Engine conversions are great and all but when the entire front end has to come off to get to it it becomes annoying rather quickly.

Found quite a leak

That was pretty much it, rest of the year was smooth sailing. tried a couple of different setups on the front. Personal fave is the first one. I put some 20mm spacers on the back and it looks mega. Unfortunatley I need a bit of work doing on the arches as at the moment it rubs just a bit too much. I did try rolling them myself but the one I tried crumbled. Decided to give it up as a bad job, will hand it to a pro at some point.

Finally fitted proper door membranes with some sheeting. Buytl tape is the way forward here!

Cant go wrong with a bit of sound proofing

That pretty much brings me up to date. I sorned it at the end of November as I have plenty planned to replace/upgrade this winter.

So firstly, the upgrades. They mostly focus on brakes and handling. Never really been happy with the brake and although I can lock up the wheels if I stab at the pedal, I seem to have to press hard for them to actually do anything. Hoping good pads and disks along with a fluid flush should set me right. Gone with Tarox Strada pads. Have them on my daily and they are brill. Disks are Mtec C hooks. I only got them cause they look pretty and are coated... hahaha

Handling wise so far, I have a rear upper strut brace and a Eibach Rear anti roll bar.

Strut brace is from a company on eBay from Poland called Staffa

I've been desperately trying to find a front strut brace but so far I have bought 3 and none of them fit. 2 of them ended up being for LHD and  one fits the struts but appears to be for a MK3 as the bonnet wont shut when its installed. Given up for the moment.

Over Christmas I started stripping down the engine bay ready to take the engine out to replace the chains which have been a little noisy ever since conversion. It all went pretty smoothly apart from one drive shaft bolt where the spline had been rounded. Chopped the head off with the Dremel and all was well!

It was an absolute nightmare to find a timing chain kit for this engine. I had to wait for Febi to actually start making them and even then it wasn't a full kit. Luckily I found that the missing chain uses the same part number as an chain in a S4 engine and managed to fit it separately.

I'll be fitting a longer 5th gear and tidying up the block and engine bay whilst the engine is out.

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Right then, time for an update.

Almost as soon as the engine was out of the car I started ripping it apart. Removing the timing covers just confirmed what I already suspected. The lower timing chain tensioner was absolutely goosed.

Swapping the chains was much easier than I thought it was going to be with the cams locked off, old chains and sprockets marked up and marks transferred onto the new chains.

With that done, I turned to cleaning up the block. Stripped it the best I could and hit it with some paint.

Turned my attention to the gearbox next. Swapping the 5th gear ratio out for a longer one. I'm currently running a EBS gearbox from a V5. It's very short, which means cruising on the motorway used a lot of fuel and was pretty loud

I've gone from 0.837 to 0.717.

Cruising at 70mph/112kmh is now 2950rpm, was 3450rpm.

Top speed is now 155mph/250kmh was

The guides on the internet made this look super easy and logically it was. The fact I had to stand on the bell housing with a breaker bar on my gear puller showed me it was not. Thankfully I got the gears off without breaking anything.

If anyone was wondering a AUE 2,8 with a V5 EBS 02J gearbox apparently weights 218kg

And finally here's the whole thing ready to slot in. It all went pretty easy and it took me a few hours and it was running.

First drive was a bit of a disaster. 3rd gear didn't exist, and the water pump pulley came loose. Touch wood however all seems hunky dory now.


Re: 1.3CL 86' to 2.8 24v V6

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Not much to report, just been pootling about.

Popped to the Motorist Hub at Sherburn in Elmet for the first meet back. Its a nice venue for a Sunday morning coffee, buttie and chinwag. I'd highly recommend popping over if you're not a million miles away.

Thanks to the grass for providing me with fake lows.
Then thankfully enough I managed to dodge rain showers and get some handling upgrades on the back end. Eibach Rear anti roll bar on the rear beam. Then also a BAF K-brace for the boot. Couple little pointers on the K-brace though. A full size spare wont fit in the wheel well anymore and the parcel shelf mounts need the brackets chopping down so the brace can sit on the strut mounts.

That's all for now. Plenty more planned for when I have a moment.