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coolant temp needle reading??

Hi all

Went to view a small bumper mk2 8v last night which had a fully re built and restored engine. Lots of new internals and all ancillary parts replaced and it looked and sounded mint.

I noticed the coolant temp gauge was showing the needle just above have way most of the time. The fan seemed to kick in fine but it sat just above the halfway mark.

Is this the normal temp reading for the mk2 8v engine's?

Any help would be appreciated as I'm potentially buying the car tomorrow.

Many thanks

Re: coolant temp needle reading??

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Engine and mechanicals are all fairly easy fixes... go all over it looking for rust, that can be a killer, wheel arches under the trims, fuel cap, sills,jacking points, A pillar , rear valance , under windscreen seal... everywhere really


Re: coolant temp needle reading??

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Yes temp gauge should be in the middle. Mine was only registering a quarter of the way so I changed the "black sensor" in the plastic multi pipe connector on the engine block and that sorted it.
Rust is your biggest concern. Look out for where rust has taken hold especially where it is creaping under the underseal and of course the plastic trim on GTIs does a good job of hiding rust / trapping crud which then starts the rot. Good luck.