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Spark Plugs

These are the NGK part numbers for Spark Plugs per engine code. From these numbers you should be able to cross reference other brands should you wish.

Model DetailEngine TypeAdditional InfoDatesRecommendedAlternateUpgradeGap
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.05HZ50bhp / 37kW GREY COIL→07/89BP6ESZ-BPR6EIXPreset
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.05HZ50bhp / 37kW08/89→10/91BP6ET-BPR6EIXPreset
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.3HK-08/83→07/86BP6EBP6ESBPR6EIX0.7mm
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.3MH,NZ54bhp / 40kW→07/89BP6ESZ-BPR6EIX0.8mm
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.32C,2G,MH,NU,NZ54bhp / 40kW08/89→07/92BP6ET-BPR6EIXPreset
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.6ABN,ABX,ACR,EW,EZ-08/83→07/92BUR5ET-10-BPR5EIXPreset
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.6EZA,HM,HN,PN,RE,RF-08/83→07/92BUR5ET-10-BPR5EIXPreset
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.81P,2H,DX,EV,EX8 VALVE08/82→09/91BP6ET-BPR6EIXPreset
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.8GU,GX,GZ,HT,HV8 VALVE08/82→09/91BP6ET-BPR6EIXPreset
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.8JH,KT,PB,PF8 VALVE08/82→09/91BP6ET-BPR6EIXPreset
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.8RD,RG,RH,RP,RV8 VALVE08/82→09/91BP6ET-BPR6EIXPreset
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.8KR16 VALVE85→91BCP7ET-BKR7EIXPreset
GOLF Mk2 (84→91) 1.8PL16 VALVE10/85→10/91BKUR7ET-BKR7EIXPreset

Re: Spark Plugs

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In addition I just found this really useful cross reference guide.

Search for the number you know, e.g. BPR6EIX

and get the results of other manufactures that provide an alternative, like so: