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Again its been a while since I last updated this!

Since my last update I managed another track day at Anglesey, which was fantastic. We had some great weather and a trouble free day, which is always welcomed :)

Anglesey is still one of my favourite tracks, very technical with a good mixture of fast and slow corners.

Enjoying some rays in between sessions.

I'd been setting up the suspension all day, tweaking it after every session, after not being too happy at Cadwell. I'd also changed my tyre pressures, I usually run 30psi hot all round, but upped that to 32 hot all round, which made a drastic difference!! Much less tyre squeal, better turn in and overall faster.

Got some decent footage from Anglesey, managed to tag onto to back of 2 other classic 80s hatches, which made for a really good session.

XR2: Stripped interior (800kg approx) Fiesta ST engine on ITBs (210bhp approx)
GT5 Turbo: Stripped interior (800kg approx) Engine around 150-160bhp.

and a nice chilled drive back to Yorkshire

In the summer inbetween lockdowns I had a few trips over o the Motorist Cafe, really great place to grab a coffee if you are nearby

The only thing I've really had to touch on the car is replace the front engine mount and fit a new alternator.

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I've just had my MOT today, and she has passed again with a clean bill of health!
Only did 2000 miles last year!

I've booked onto Outlon Park trackday on the 29th, it will be my first time there, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the car will perform. I have a couple of weeks to make some final tweaks to the car.

First off I've ordered a set of extended ball joints and rose jointed rod ends from Noath Engineering. I'm still waiting for them to arrive, but hoping to have them in before Oulton

Before fitting im going to attempt to measuring the bump steer to work out what size spacers I need for the rod ends.

I've also treated myself to a new lid, as my old one is too tight for my head. I found a great deal on Hawkes Motorsport page and couldnt resist going carbon! :D

I got the Golf out last weekend, as Foot to Pedal Youtube channel wanted to go a little feature video of the car. They got some cracking shots! just not keen on me talking!

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Superb read... must've missed this when I was away.

Whole car's amazing, but that style of BBS wheel / tyre size combo is aesthetically perfect to my eye... only 195/50 15's too!


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Superb read... must've missed this when I was away.

Whole car's amazing, but that style of BBS wheel / tyre size combo is aesthetically perfect to my eye... only 195/50 15's too!

Thank you! :)

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Oulton Park 2022

Oulton came around quick and I didn’t get time to check the car over as much as I’d like to.
Just did the basics, see if any of the paint pen on the bolts has moved, check brakes and fluids.

Unfortunately this was the state of the front pads

After a quick dash round it turned out my mate around the corner had a set of almost new Yellow Stuff that would get me by! What a hero! That pretty much saved my trackday.

With that sorted the rest of the car, looked great so got it loaded up with tools and spares ready for the morning.

Got finished at around 8pm, started the car up to put it away in the garage and the exhaust sounded awful, something was loose.

After getting the car up on stands it was obvious that the Milltek had once again failed. There were 3 separate rattles, the only thing to do was cut the exhaust open and weld up whatever was loose. Not what I wanted to be doing the night before a track day!

I don’t know if you can make out in the pictures but the welds on baffles at both ends had cracked and caused the perforated tube to rattle around. Last time I emailed Milltek and they sent me a new box straight away, which was very good of them, so no complaints there.

With those all welded up, the boxes welded back up the car was purring nicely again.

Tyre pressures checked and ready for the off.

Here’s a video of one of my sessions. I wish I’d watched some footage back over lunch, because my driving was awful! Over driving the car so much, not being smooth, but some take aways for next time!

The track itself was fantastic, it was really nice to put sim practise into reality!

All in all, a cracking day all round. I was without doubt the slowest thing on track! (just about!) Every car there seemed to be boosted, so I struggled to keep up with anything other than the odd clio and a turbo’d Fiat Chicachento

My tyres had seen better days after the trackday! these were rears.

I need to get some camber shims for the rear stub axle, After speaking with Nige and the lads at Cornering Force, we came to the conclusion that the I could do with -0.5 degrees more on the rear and go from there. :)

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There’s a fair bit to update since Oulton, looking back I’ve done loads to the Golf in the last few weeks! My main issue at Oulton was the car felt very inconsistent, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I think it was a combo of my tyres getting old and having a few too many heat cycles and that the car is still on OE bushes.

My first job to tackle was the wishbones, I’d replaced the original wishbones with Lemforder items about 5 years ago and not touched them since.

The original bushes were looking okay to be honest.

I decided on PowerFlex black series as I wanted to minimise any movement. I can confirm they are rock hard!

I cut/pressed the bushes out with some home made tools, and then set about welding up the wishbones. The wishbones are in 2 halves which are then spot welded, so this should help stiffen them up.

Painted up with the bushes in

Very happy with how they turned out.

Next on the list… the Golf had his most important job in the 15 years I’ve owned him so far.

The BIG DAY! And what a car to do it in! I’m not sure my wife was all that happy having to get a 6 point harness on in a wedding dress, but we’ll brush over that!

After getting more and more into my ‘fabrication’ (If I can call It that!) I decided I wanted to start making some braces for the car, again to stiffen things up and negate any chance of inconsistencies on track.

First up was a lower front brace to tie the two wishbones together. I’d seen these for sale online for around £80. After pricing up I could make one for 1/3 of that, so I ordered some metal and gave it a go.

Started by making the tube ends, these would be the parts where the bolts would pass through into the subframe.

I wanted to make sure I could still get a socket in, which I could but this meant the bar fouled the gearbox, so these were cut off and remade longer for the final version.

A tight fit to the gearbox, but doesn’t make contact when under load.

And after a coat of halfords finest satin black.

Next up on the fabrication/brace list was the rear turrets. Realistically I don’t know how much movement there will be here, and we will have to see if I notice a difference on track.
I ordered some tube the same 45mm as my cage tubing, offering it up I thought it just looked a bit out of place, and the tube actually weighted a fair bit. With the car being fully carpeted etc keeping weight to a minimum is a must! Or should I say adding to it is not something I’m keen on.

So I started to think about a lighter solution which would still be strong enough and not flex under load. After loads of thinking and sketching, I took some inspiration from this Porsche, which uses a rose jointed rod to brace across the turrets.

I liked how the brackets extended down the turret to maximise its function. I could have easily gone from turret to turret, but I wanted to also tie in the rear topmount. My view is the higher up the turret/topmount I can brace the better leverage there will be to actually make it effective.

Another benefit was that I could use a thinner tube to try and keep weight down.

After some sketching I came up with this.

I ordered the rose joints in M12, along with some tube bungs, misalignment spacers and half nuts, one side was right hand thread, the other was left hand thread, so I could then use the tube to add tension before locking off each end.

And by complete coincidence, when offering it all up the bracket would fit perfectly in between where the rear parcel shelf supports used to bolt on, giving me a perfect guide to getting it all square, result!

Made some templates

Once I was happy, I cut everything out in 3mm steel

Got these welded in, you will have to excuse my welding here. I just couldn’t see to get going properly. I seemed to be in between settings on the welder, I have a dial for wire speed and 2 switches for volts and amps, I felt like I could have done with a dial for all settings. But I’ll stop blaming my tools and take ownership! It wont win any prizes but it will be strong…

Once these were in, I made some end plates with some speed holes to reduce weight.

Once I was happy there, everything was painted up

The last job was a good vac out, and cut the carpet for the turrets.

Some finals shots

#engineering :D

Very happy with the final results! Really in keeping with my clubsport theme and a nice little project to get stuck into.

And lastly I finally got my new engine round from my mates house which we managed to wheel barrow round to mine!

That’s taking pride of place in my shed. I’d love to say that will be in soon, but it wont unfortunately, we are saving for our own place which will be taking up any spare cash.

I’ve got Croft book this Monday, which I’m very excited for!
Last bits to sort are some new tyres, oil and filter change and a speedo cable change as that’s making some weird noises.

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Also, have you got any pics of her getting in and harnessed up?! :))

Loving your fabrication work as always.
Still, bit of a shame about loosing the 8v motor...not that I'm one to talk!
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I've followed this build for years. Such a good build with loads of nice touches. I'm look forward to seeing some track videos when the 16v goes in. What spec is/will the engine be?

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Thanks Ian!

Its thought to be a 2.1L ABF but I havent had it apart to confirm yet.
KR head, with a fair bit of work, KR exhaust cams.
My plan is to run it on Jenvey ITBs, larger cams and standalone ecu. Should be good for 200bhp ish...

Time will tell :)

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Great work and congrats - perfect car for the occassion.

Just a thought on the abf... I have one in my mk2 but running the Kjet inlet so you might be ok if going for the ABF inlet but my bonnet won't shut without a 0.5cm adjustmemt upwards out of line with the wing.

Solution for me seems to be to put in a mk3 subframe as the rear engine mount can be cut down if needed and also the mk3 frame alloys the engine to sit marginally lower.

Long way off for me though as my car is booked in with DST Rustworx next year (waiting list).
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but my bonnet won't shut without a 0.5cm adjustmemt upwards out of line with the wing.

Could you put a spacer/shim/washers under the bonnet hinges to raise it a "gnat's" at the back. It would still be out of alignment but it "may" look better? A new subframe seems a huge amount of work.
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That's sort of how it is right now - the corner of the bonnet sits proud in the corners. I don't mind changing the frame - engine is coming out to paint the engine bay and I've got a fresh powdercoated one to go in.
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