Buyer Beware!

Like it is to many, money can be considered precious. It doesn’t grow on trees and finding suitcases full of the stuff doesn’t happen too often. With this in mind, please be very wary when your purchasing your new Mk2. If it seems to good to be true then in all likelihood, it is!

A few points we would suggest you take into account are;

  • Read our buyers guide
  • If your not mechanically inclined, take a friend who is
  • Make sure you see the car in the flesh, never buy blind
  • Be aware of the con artists!


One of the common scams is to advertise a car cheaply then offer to have the car delivered to your door free of charge provided you pay through PayPal.

This is an email sent from one such individual –

Hi, The car is already into Shiply (eBay official delivery company) custody, ready to be shipped, I am offering free delivery and I will agree for a 5-7 days of full inspection period ( after the date you receive the car ). This means that you have 7 days to inspect the car for any damages and decide if you want to keep it or not! Because I will sign eBay’s return policy, your money will be insured by them and you will have the option to reject the deal, only if we go through PayPal as well. If this is the case, you will receive a full refund (money back) from PayPal and I will have to take the car back on my cost!

What happens then is that the car doesn’t appear and they disappear with your money never to be seen again!

This is not to say that all sellers are scammers advertising scrap cars dressed as minters, but there are unscrupulous sellers out there and they will part a keen buyer from their hard earned cash if opportunity arises. If you see an ad you think may be suspect, feel free to get a second opinion through the club! We will always be keen to help out a buyer!

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