1990 Golf 1.3

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1990 Mk 2 Golf 1.3 Manual Gearbox 3 Door

This was my son’s first car, bought when he was 16.  12 years later we think we have too many cars in the family and this one has to go. It seems quite unusual in that I cannot see another 1.3 Mk 2 Golf on ebay except the one that they want £7,000 for. You are welcome to bid £7,000 on this one, but I suggest that it’s worth significantly less than that… Anyway, please read on.
The mileage is what we like to think of as variable. That means it depends on what part of the car you are asking about. The engine was from a 48,000 mile car that was scrapped as an insurance write-off following some miscreant stealing it and breaking the door and ignition locks. Shame, but we benefited from it. Some of the wheels are from that car too. The engine probably has about 65,000 on it now.
The gearbox had 95,000 miles on it and is a five speed unit. It makes it much quieter and more economical at motorway speeds than the original 4 speed.
The speedo reads 161,000. It’s a replacement from a ‘Golf Driver’ and includes a rev counter instead of a large clock. The speedo mileage therefore doesn’t reflect the mileage of any part of the car except for the speedo itself.
There are the rare door speaker mounts in each front door. These replaces the fairly useless pocket thingy. There is a sony CD player radio. However, someone helpfully snapped off the electric aerial, so it’ll need replacing.
The front grille is from the same Mk 2 Golf Driver as the dash. It therefore has the extra main-beam lights. My son rather liked the idea of twin headlights. The gear lever is the GTI golf ball.
For the new MOT it had new front discs and pads, two new front tyres, two brake pipes and track-rod steering joints.
It starts first twist of the key every time. As long as you remember that in this car you have to momentarily press the throttle to the floor to set the choke before starting it.
We all like driving it. It’s a car that you actually drive. There is no power steering, but it’s light enough on these wheels to be easy to drive. (The Mk 2 GTI that I had back in the day also didn’t have power steering, and the Mrs would abandon it and chuck the keys at me to park it!)
The MOT tester said that it was one of the most rust free Mk 2’s he had seen.
The not so good bits are as follows;
– A squirrel got in and has eaten the material on the passenger seat. That’s what happens in winter when the garage roof doesn’t quite fit and you leave the car window open for ventilation.  We do have a set of 4-door (non-tipping) seats from the 48,000 mile car. They’ll be on a separate auction.
– The boot parcel shelf was modified for speakers and is mostly just holes.
– The interior and body have somewhere over 170,000 miles them.
– There are various scratches and dings around the body as you might expect. Worst is on 1″ long dink on the left side of the the tailgate. Have a look at the pics.
It’s currently on SORN.

Any questions, please feel free to ask. We’ll be letting the auction run. Cash on collection please.

eBay link – http://ebay.us/dWcsbu?cmpnId=5338273189

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