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Technical / Re: Engine build
To get the best out of the engine an vernier pulley is a must, as if either the block or head have been decked or skimmed then the timing will need adjusting.

Less material on the head, heads closer to the block, timing belt will need more tension as itll be to long in turn moving the standard cam timing mark.

It'll run but an extra 160 quid will allow the tuner to get the engine performing as it should with the extra work
Engine & Gearbox / Re: clutch choices
Just opt for a standard off the shelf LUK clutch, this is what I've gone with in my 1900cc 16v.

The extra cost for a 'Uprated' clutch isnt worth it in the real world.

I paid approximately £100 for a clutch kit that includes new flywheel bolts.
Lancaster Insurance / Great customer service
Had a call today and within 30min the Mk2s insured fully comprehensive, limited miles, all mods declared and agreed value.

£281 all in 👌 top work