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Back to small bumpers...

Hi there recently purchased an 88 gti 8v but it's had a big bumper swap. I want to put it back to original small bumpers.

Just wanted to know is it just the bumpers I need to switch back?


Re: Back to small bumpers...

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Big bumper cars have different arches, side sills cover and smaller rub strips so it depends if the person that fitted the big bumpers did it properly or not.

There's also a metal front valance, a small grill, tow eye cover and a splitter on a small bumper car that is normally removed when big bumpers are fitted. That said some people leave the metal panel in place.

On a factory big bumper car there should also be a thin slither of metal that joins the bottom tips of the wings together as without the front lower valance there's nothing to tie the front together, but this is often missing, even on genuine late spec cars.

And if the big bumpers have been fitted properly that will include the guide slider things on the arches, front and rear. You'll need to change those back to small bumper mounts.

Often when people do a big bumper swap on an earlier car they ignore the arches and rub strips so you end up with a bit of a hybrid style.

The bumper brackets are different also, so when you get your small bumpers make sure they come with brackets.

Also worth noting, if you do have a full big bumper kit and you remove the side sill covers you may discover your sills might need some attention. Likewise removing the arch trims could reveal issues. Information you should wish to know about anyway so it's always good to remove all of the plastics for a good look.


Re: Back to small bumpers...

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Thanks for that info will come in handy.. I've taken into account changing the arches and door mouldings...