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New here

Hi all,

I'm Al originally from Manchester, although I've been living in Penzance for the last 27 years. New here, but not new to the VAG family.
My first car was an '89 8V big bumper in red/pink, and to cut a long car history short, I've just sold my '65 Notch and treated myself to another 8V Golf, this time in white.

I'm sure I'll need plenty of help and tips from members.



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Al. 😁

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Hi Al welcome to the forum.

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Hello and welcome :D

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Welcome another Cornwellian , be prepared for people north of Exeter saying they are in the south west.. I am up the blunt end near Plymouth with a white Gti

I remember someone phoning me and saying "we'll be there soon" whilst they were driving down from oop north, and seeing signs for Bristol.... Oh we did laugh!!

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Is there a chance that the southwest are forming a majority of members? I'm south of Exeter.