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New 86 1.3 CL owner West Midlands


Picked up my first MK2 Golf yesterday, a 5dr 86 1.3 CL. 1 owner, 28K miles though has been standing for a few years. Runs and drives and is motd, but needs a bit of tlc. In the past I had a MK1 Golf Cab for years and more recently I had a MK2 Polo Saloon.

Hoping to get this car sorted over the next couple of months, just hope there are some shows happening this year! I'll post in parts wanted as well, but if anyone has some spare rubber window surrounds, scrapers and the metal strips that run along where the door meets the window (basically all the bits that brave the elements) please pm me, my car is anything but watertight at the moment! 




Re: New 86 1.3 CL owner West Midlands

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Hi Danny welcome to the Club.

Mk2 Spares is always good for parts.  Hopefully you’ll start a build thread :)