Hi, my name is Steve (spcvw) and I’m from Plymouth, Devon. Ive been into Mk2 Golfs since 2003.

Previously owned a red 16v big bumper with factory a/c as a daily and more recently a white 8v small bumper as a w/end car. My dream Mk2 however was always a G60. After owning the 8v for 2 years i was fortunate to be in the position to make the change. The 8v was sold in September 2013 and the search began. G60’s don’t come up very often and in the time i looked only saw cars out of my price range or owners who didn’t give me confidence to travel half the country to view.

Since owning my 16v in 2003 i was aware of an edition one G60 local to me and had actually spoke to the owner (Alan) a few times over the years. Never ever at the time thought id be able to afford one so never took much notice of it. The car was eventually sold from plymouth and moved 30miles up the road to torquay. Well after putting a wanted ad on the usual forums the current owner of the car (Chris) got in touch and mentioned he was considering selling (this was end of 2013). We continued to keep in touch over the months. I went and viewed the car and he agreed when he came to sell id have first refusal. Well the months went by and we eventually did the deal in nov 2014.

Having owned the G60 now for 6 months I can honestly say ‘I love it’. It took me a while to get used to the LHD and even went to the wrong side after getting petrol a few times, but now I can jump between it and my Up! (daily driver) no problem. When Alan owned it he spent a fortune on the engine and i can honestly say it puts a smile on my face every time it comes out the garage. Being 24 years old its not perfect but thats my ideal Mk2 and am always tinkering on it when i have free time. Just recently a owner on our site put me in touch with the guy who imported the car and I’ve now been able to trace every owner so pretty much have full history on the car as it came with a full folder of paperwork. I’m the 7th owner and hopefully this ones going to be a long term keeper for me.

This is my 4th year as a member but due to life,family and no Mk2 at one point haven’t made any meets or shows so am looking forward to taking the G60 to a few events this year and putting faces to member names in 2015.