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Members' Cars / Re: Gordon the Golf (8v GTi 1989)
The original was full of oil; perhaps @Monkey you were right about the oil cooler.  Never noticed any emulsion under the cam cover though.  Anyway after considering dish washer tabs etc I discovered a new one was £9.99 delivered.  The pipe had 4 lots of heat shrink applied to stop it fraying further.  Not my proudest moment; I want the car back.

Can I

 I have been after the pink fleck hose for years ... please tell me it came with the reservoir for £10?.
Members' Cars / Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White
Have you built up the courage to do the cam belt?

I'm seriously thinking of having a stab at it, plenty of write ups seem to say it's straight forward but hard not to be daunted.

Access is good at the moment with the other bits having been taken off nearby, seems a shame not to take advantage.

There's a 'real' mechanic near to me, might get him to give things the once over afterwards if I do.

Checked all the timing marks and everything's spot on, which is just as well as the distributor is seized in solid.

Been using penetrant for a week and you can see it's soaking through in places, but still won't budge.

Ideally would like to resolve this now, even it's hopefully not needed in the near future there's no predicting further down the line when it'll become a problem.

Wouldn’t go there myself which doesn’t necessarily make it difficult ... someone suggested to me once that you get a Stanley knife and cut the old belt in half all the way around... remove the outer half and you slide the new belt on before cutting the old half off... it seemed sensible to me but I am not allowed near tools
Mk2 Golf Chat / Re: Different editions
Never seen that before ... many people added stickers back in the day “special” was a favourite if I recall , there would be more add ons than a sticker if it was an edition
New Members Say Hi! / Re: Hello from Melbourne
It’s a subtle difference , just the angle of the bottom spokes , otherwise they are identical ... there was a leather covered wheel also ... have you asked the bloke in the link if he would post? The whole wheel is only £20