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Interior, Upholstery & Trim / trim fixation
how do you tackle the common problem
of a loose side molding trim on the drivers door ?

in one case we bolted it on,
but this would make it necessary to get under the famous doorfoil,
just for removing it (and perhaps threading possible rust).

i bought new pins and grommets, but they do not grab tight enough:

please also let me know if there are any existing threads about the issue.

edit: do you see the image ? at times it says not found.
I.C.E & Electrical / Re: central locking partially unlocking
thank you for the hints.

the web gave me a manual for a mk3.
it said i should listen, so i did.

there is a little bit of a high pitch sound,
like from a ultrasonic cleaner, near the vacuum pump.
it isn't supposed to be there, true ?

the connection looks ok and i'm not that sure about what to do,
but i will try something as soon i find some time.

if you have a leak in the bend, wouldn't it get worse
and prevent some locks from opening correctly at some point ?
I.C.E & Electrical / Re: MFA
i have not known about a external temperature reading in a gti.
is the instrument included in the digital clock, or where is it exactly ?

with a little bit of effort, the facia panel could be unmounted
and one could probably check the signal of the sensor on the plug there.
I.C.E & Electrical / Re: central locking partially unlocking
my mistake. i forgot that one can turn the key to the right. then it opens
(regarding the hatch, there would have been a bag riveted in there).

the central locking issue seems to be somewhat sporadic,
cause lately it once worked as always but then the same again.

are there known locations,
where the vacuum tube tends to break ?
Engine & Gearbox / Re: 1.6 GL rough idle
in my case, it was the exhaust manifold gasket.

other symptoms where running hot on 3/4
and the yellow mixture warning light lighting up occasionally.

do you have those, too ?
I.C.E & Electrical / central locking partially unlocking
in the jetta, i can her the vacuum pump, but it does turn off late
and the passenger side as well as the trunk remains closed.

even by hand i can not open the trunk
and, since it is separated by a welded steel plate,
i have no idea how to access it now,
which would be very funny, if i had perishable goods in there.

any suggestions ? :-)
I.C.E & Electrical / Re: softening clicks of earlier indicator canceling mechanics
while fixing the dashboard, i already had it apart on another mk2.
the plugs have been a bit sticky, however.

has anyone done the heater box without taking out the dashboard
(it could be in the pictures, but since there are many, i'm not shy to ask) ?

if there is something, which would make me take out the dashboard for this endevour,
i would have it apart some point anyway.

but as it looks like, i could do it independently,
as soon i have the car off the road for some time.

i have the hazard warning light ontop of the steering wheel,
but, as i mentioned, the levers feel flimsier
and have a crisp behavior compared to our still newer mk2's.

to me, the crispness does not feel surprising,
but just like the mechanics of an old version of this levers.
maybe something i had on a past (ce1) mk2, who knows.

which versions of ce2-levers are there ?

it does not feel like there would be much to clean.

as it stands, i'm on the road of exchanging them.
thankfully, they do not seem to be that pricey.

i found something on heritageparts, see below.
the brands are different but the levers look matching.

left lever

right lever

maybe there are cheaper ones. probably on ebay.
a hint would be nice if someone happens to stumble upon them.

is the clicking autocancel-mechanism part of that levers ?
General Chat / new old car
not having driven a golf 1,
does not keep me from preferring a golf 2.

but with the golf 3, they might have lost
a certain edginess for sure
and maybe there are other points,
some people would have liked to be different.

after reading the new mini thread of @Eddypeck,
i thought about what it would be from scratch.

cause of the regulations,
a new car would have to have abs and an airbag,
but they would still allow us to have combustion engines for a while,
which might be fortunate, since an electric car could be a somewhat different concept.

would it be possible to even further reduce the electronics
of the mk2 ecu to analog or mechanical parts
and still stay within the actual emission limits ?

which modern engines are already there ?
is there one which is, easy to maintain,
simple and long lasting ?

like with the mk3 gearbox,
the shifting could be made more fluent,
but the gearbox should still be robust.

regarding the ordering, could there be a kit-car-option ?
everything including 3d-models cold be open-source, right ?

what would your ideas be ?

edit: adding reference to mini thread
I.C.E & Electrical / softening clicks of earlier indicator canceling mechanics
in older (ce2) mk2's, there probably are other parts
regarding the indicator lever and mechanics. true ?

they feel more flimsy,
they do not lock during certain steering wheel positions
and the clicking sound,
while turning the steering wheel over the point,
is comparably loud, sharp and crisp
and does certainly hurt some ears.

which parts could be modified or exchanged
to make driving more enjoyable, there ?
New Members Say Hi! / Re: Price Query
what ever you do later,
perhaps a car cover foil could help to preserve the beautiful car.

edit: i do not know the quality or how it fits,
but, in case it would help, i just stumbled over a cover foil on werk34.
durable foils, like hopefully this one, doesn't seem to be cheap, unfortunately.
General Chat / Re: AliExpress
according to my experience, delivery can take about 3 months.
in general, i had no problems here.
you might do a few more orders and then judge for yourself.
General Chat / Re: New (22 year old) MINI
with a black mini, having those iconic union jack taillights,
isn't it pure modern britishness coming down the road ?

until now i wasn't aware about the bmw overtake but anyway,
to me, the hatch back mini has enough features
to be a classic car of its own.

i would not say that about the new beetle, i guess :-)


the barndoor version looks nice, and it sure might be functional
but i just don't know it is such a classic as the classic version.

time could change that, of course. have you had a test-drive ?
Mk2 Golf Chat / Re: plastic-parts for 3d-printing
cause of delivery and stuff it needs to be someone located in england, right ?
have you already checked the prices of 3d-printing-companies ?

in general:
mainly on Lord_Vader's thingiverse,
i found a trove of parts, which i missed before.

also there are many parts i have not much knowledge about.
the abs-sensor-hole-cap from above is a good example, here.

many people prefer more oem-looking parts from ebay.
although there are also custom parts,
one could ask if covering 3d-models is the way to go.
to me, on the other hand, 3d-printing would math early vw-philosophy
of having a car, which is easy to maintain
and on which much could be quickly and independently done by one self.

if we like do to stuff there, vetting parts could help.

as opposed to the parts-quiz, where one is supposed to know the part,
i've long considered a what is this thread, which maybe also could be used for 3d-models,
but there is also the further discussion if the part is relevant enough and stuff.
so i wouldn't be sure if there or here or what.

then there could be put effort into structuring the 3d-part-list better
like for example dividing the collection into different sections
like engine compartment, passenger cabin
and further into dashboard, ceiling or something.

without much consideration,
i would have my thoughts near a wordpress for this,
and maybe the library section.

another point is, that users from the web probably do not register
to actively ask for a model (and there are parts, mostly mine,
which are shared on that base).

some may even not peak english fluent enough to participate in this way.
many just want to quickly print something for their mk2.

course of fewer downloads, this probably wouldn't hamper
the forum-bandwidth as much as pictures.

i just wanted to express my thoughts, it doesn't have to be it or here, of course.

edit: deleting draftfragment
General Chat / Re: Test your knowledge!
the part goes from the outside into the hole for the top bolt
of the wing mirror holder.

as from

it seems to be a guide, but since there is a frame,
i do not exactly know, why it is necessary
and then why there is just one part, but 3 bolts.
it also does not stick well in the sheet metal hole.