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Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Enjoyed the read, great work and lovely example you have there. Liked what you did with your seats, my drivers one is a bit wrecked but I really need new covers as as they are holed and sadly wrecked from behind where the previous chap cut them to get at the mechanisms.

I'm Matt and I love old VWs

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Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Sorry to report it's been very quiet here. 3 weeks from now will see a year of ownership, but what a year. It's like 2020 the year that never happened. I know we've all been effected by Covid-19 in different ways, for me well I've been working from home and therefore have no reason for transport. The Mk2 has been SORN since end of March, in the first few weeks of April it was moved around the driveway till it was eventually parked on up out the way on the garden making space for skips we've had due to building work, as seen here when my AMAZING shed was delivered in July.

So there is sat, looking more and more sorry for itself.

On the weekend I thought time to move it, and perhaps cut the grass  :-\

But I was met with a pool of water in the drivers footwell and a totally flat battery, which in turn caused the Alarm to totally spaz out and repeatedly try trigger the central locking pump.

Battery out on on charge, pleased to report the charger returned a GOOD status when fully charged. I have one of those fancy ones that can do a full recovery cycle.

Anyway, out came the George wet vac to suck up the puddle and on to investigate the cause. I 99% certain it's not the sunroof and I suspected the bonnet cable grommet as tbf I've seen a drip of water on the plastic foot rest bit before now.

So out came the scuttle  and ECU cover and the George came into it's own again vacuuming up all the rubbish and dead leaves  :o

Looking a bit pitiful, like the rest of the car:

And for some odd reason most of my loom is missing a cover.

I think that at some point in the past it was wrapped in cloth loom tape which has rotted, perished and disintegrated away to dust.

Not to Damiens standard, as this was an emergency water leak repair not a full on detailing session, but out with the parafin, a brush and some rags  and a bit of a clean up went on. Along with some windscreen sealant around the grommet and finally some new loom tape.

Happy with that result and after a bit of clean up the other side and along the rest of the scuttle I thought I'd best check the door membrane.

The remains of the factory membrane was still there, but not doing a very adequate job.

Sorry, forgot to do many pics, but here's mid progress with a new inner flap added before the final plastic sheet over the whole thing:

When I came to do the passenger side, I found the membrane had been replace very badly before and also this door used to be red.

Then the cable for the window winder snapped!

This has now arrived so this job can continue...

who knows, maybe I'll drive it again one day.  :(

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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I feel your pain!
Mine has been sat in the garage since lockdown, SORNed.
Been promising myself when September hits, I'll stick some tax on it and take it out.
Now Mini-Monkey has arrived, I just can't find the opportunity to use it!
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Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Been promising myself when September hits, I'll stick some tax on it and take it out.

I did that coming up to the start of July then August and now September but I still have no reason to drive it other than wanting to. And with Carole still without a job, she was made laid off at the start of this as it was a new job and missed out on the Furlough scheme, so we're tight on cash so not really in a position to tax a car for the sake of it. MOT was extended from June to December but to be fair I'm wondering if I'll even need it then. It might stay off the road and think about recommissioning it next spring. Hopefully the last skip will be removed in a couple of weeks so at least I can get it off the grass and onto the solid driveway soon.

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Definitely a strange year... little incentive to do much car wise , mine has only been out and around the block three times since last September, half tempted to sell him but many now think no standard Mk2 is worth much more than 8k ....glad your updates have started again ..Might go get the cover off again

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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I envy the space on your front drive Tim... We can fit 3-4 cars on ours but they have to be in "tandem"...and I'm the only one who is bothered about sorting them out! 4 people 5 cars (yes i know it's greedy but it wasn't quite as I planned it!)

Just reading your update about the flat battery made me remember throwing my keys in the garden and losing the alarm fob.. Later I came to regret it. I left my lights on at work, the battery drained and the alarm was going off! Ended-up yanking the alarm out!
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Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Yes it’s a decent size driveway, There was a triangle of garden where the Mk5 is parked but I dug that out at start of lockdown which has added more pace. Looking to get the driveway redone sometime, it’s rough concrete so hope to get rid of the grass and get the kerb dropped further across. Need to leave a gap in front of the garage for motorbike access though. But plenty of space for more vehicles :-) shame it’s quite a steep slope.

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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I wouldn't trust myself with a resurfaced drive! I could almost guarantee there would be a fluid leak!
Ours is tarmac and has the tell-tale traces of oil drips from under the car engines plus the axle stand impressions - need to get some with flat feet !
Given a year without any leaks the weather cleans it up nicely :)

Just taking another looksee at your door membrane.
I've bought those milky clear rubble bags and cut them so that they fold out to a big enough size to cover the whole door. I've also fed the cabling up through the membrane rather than down. ie any water then travels down the wire and stays in the door rather than down the cable and behind the door card...if you get what I mean? i always wondered why our house aerial cable had a loop in it feeding up into the house...that's the reason.
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Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Ohh do like a shed... you realise having a white MK2 and a shed now means you're officially middle aged.

If you haven't already, get a dehumidifier... Cheapy ones work just fine, no need to go overboard.

If like me you were new to them (in sheds) I think you'll be surprised just how much water they suck up.

Everythings been bone dry now for the last 2 x years.

Slight down side - I was emptying mine every 4-5 days, think it's about a 1.5 litre capacity tank.

Easy fix is to plumb in a drain off tube that runs to the outside -


Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Just a quickie, didn't take long to fit the new window mech.
And then I completed the door membrane on this side.

I remembered I had some butyl cord for this job and it was what Lukybabes used on one of his how-to posts. Made a much easier and less messy job than the drivers side.

However it would also seem by not touching the car for months, I have now completely missed the benefit of summer this year and now it's getting dark by 7:00pm but just about managed to get this job completed (almost) and the door card back on.

Screwed in the lock plunger and noticed I'd forgot the little surround trim, found it in the dark, unscrewed the plunger and the rod dropped below the door card. It was too dark now, so just locked up and went inside the house.

Still haven't re-fitted the battery after the positive charge, not run up the car, not moved it and still haven't cut the grass.

In other news, we had the quote for getting the driveway done.  ::)  so that won't be happening for another few years I expect!

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Ok so it's only a small thing but my Apline headunit has never been fitted properly, so I've finally got round to buying what I hope to be the correct cage.

I've got some LEDs on back order for the instrument cluster so I won't be fitting it yet as it will need to come out again if I do.

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Might not seem like a lot, but a step in the right direction at long last on the weekend.
Whilst I had the tools out, replacing the wiper motor in the mk5 (again) I thought it was time to refit the battery, that had been on charge.

Fitted the battery and she started up just fine  :)) so moved the old girl off the grass where she's sat for the past few months due to having ongoing work in the house and having skips on the driveway.

Leaving her previous resting place like so:

The brakes were all a bit stuck on, but free'd up easy enough. And thankfully no puddles inside.

Also got my Chinese delivery ahead of the predicted 6 week wait, so ready for the next job.

Still working from home so no need to start using it yet, although I am thinking it's time to start getting it ready fo the road again.